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Headscratchers: Pet Sematary
  • If you live that close to a road that gets so much truck traffic, and you have small kids, wouldn't it behoove you to build a fence around your front yard?
    • One might think, but then there wouldn't have been a story. They should call this the Hamlet Gambit or something...Perhaps it was just one of many house/yard chores Lewis didn't get around to, with his busy schedule of raising the dead.
    • Even if there were a fence, it probably wouldn't do much good - cats climb fences (or slip through the bars), and the gate could easily be open on any given day.

  • If you have to bury your own, then how was the bully revived if no other family members were present?
    • Because Gus clearly belonged to... whatever it is that dwelled in the Cemetery.
    • It could just be a saying, and not an actual "rule".

  • So what happened to Ellie?
    • She grew up and died.
      • It's indicated in the book that she was well on her way to going completely insane.
    • It's fair to assume she stayed with Rachel's parents (where she was when Rachel returned to Ludlow) and grew up in Chicago. Her mental health was probably not great as an adult, but the character seemed old enough to comprehend death and deal with it.
      • It would be interesting to have a sequel a la Doctor Sleep to see what happened to Ellie and if the burying ground could ever be cleansed/destroyed. Though as this is the only book that King won't talk about (I swear I read that once but I can't remember where, sorry), I doubt it will ever happen. It's a shame though as this is my favorite out of all his works.

  • Why does Rachel's father hate Louis? What was it about him that made undesirable to marry his daughter?
    • She was working to support Louis while he was in medical school (something many spouses of medical/law students do). Irwin didn't like that one bit and saw it as "turning her into a scullery maid."
    • Louis not being Jewish might have been part of it as well.

  • It seems to be implied that the mission, so to say, of a revived corpse is to kill those close to the one who revived them, torture the reviver through this, then kill them. What happens to the corpse-thing after it finishes this cycle? What does it do?
    • It appears the thing has to be "put down" after it's revived, as all the examples in the story are: Billy in the fire, Jud's dog, Gage and the cat with Lewis' syringes. It's not addressed what happens if it's not.
    • I assume that those brought back are Chaotic Evil and have no long-term goals and will just keep finding people and things to torture and kill until they themselves are destroyed.
    • Few revived animals or people were even violent (a bull that "went bad" is mentioned as something of an exception). Even Billy was more unnerving than dangerous. Louis just drew the short stick. If it counts, the sheriff in Pet Semetary Two had some agenda involving making those near him like him, although he dies before its ever revealed. There are evidently multiple spirits, some more malicious than others.

  • How exactly did Victor Pascow know about Louis and the burial ground? It's mentioned offhand that "their souls intertwined'' when he died or something, but I'd prefer to hear a more detailed explanation.
    • Their souls intertwined, which might mean that Victor's spirit had access to everything Louis knew, which would obviously include the burial ground. It could also be that Victor Pascow was specifically commanded by somebody or something (God, angels, what have you) that opposes whatever gave the titular Pet Semetary its mojo to watch over Louis and to try and convince him not to do what he was thinking of doing. Maybe that was something he needed to do before he could pass on.
    • Wild Mass Guess: Victor Pascow had The Shining; more specifically he was a steamhead whose abilities were precognition and being a spirit medium.

  • Was the Indian Burial Ground Demon speaking through Gage at the end telling the truth about Norma Crandall (that she cheated on Jud with some of his friends, let them put it up her ass, down in hell etc)? Going by what happened before when a person was resurrected, when everything he said to them was true, it is, but I cannot imagine sweet old Norma Crandall being so slutty and cruel?
    • Probably not. I'm sure telling the truth is a low priority when torturing someone with taunts, although Norma's the only one who really knows and she can't say.
    • It's hard to imagine a nice old guy like Jud Crandall cheating on his wife with prostitutes, but he admits it to Louis.
    • I may be that the demon can lie or tell the truth depending one which it thinks will hurt/scare the person it is speaking to the most, and doing one then the other has got to be a good way of messing with someone's head.
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