Fridge / Pet Sematary

  • Perhaps unintended, the death of Rachel's older sister Zelda happens on Passover, but this coincidence goes unremarked. The unnamed thing in the burial grounds is implied to be the thing that caused Zelda and Gage's death and Louis remarks that thing in the burial grounds is an old god, existing long before the Christian God, perhaps the nastier Old Testament God.
    • In the book, the entity is heavily implied to be the Wendigo.
    • Actually, there is this bit in Insomnia where the main characters find Gage's shoe in the bad guy's lair. The bad guy collects trophies from his victims, so...
      • Atropos is the servant of the Random. He's not the one who causes senseless deaths directly, just the agent that facilitates them by cutting the threads of the victims.
  • Fridge Horror: The burial ground tends to have a habit of causing the protagonists no end of grief by resurrecting their dead loved ones as Ax-Crazy horrors in human flesh right? But was it the same with the Indians? Did the indians also move out of the area due to the dead coming back to haunt them? Or did they create it? Or both
    • Or did the Wendigo take up residence there and exert its power and influence there to give it its special (and twisted) resurrective properties on the dead there? And considering that it might be older than God himself, means that it's probably been terrorizing for who knows how long!
    • It's reasonable to assume that the resurrected Rachel has bad intentions for Louis, but what about little Ellie? Who's to say Rachel won't come calling at some point?
      • If it helps, Pascow seemed to be able to correctly communicate with her, so he could still warn her.
  • Rachel's still out there.