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Trivia / No More Heroes

  • Fake American: The British Robin Atkin Downes as American protagonist Travis Touchdown.
  • Fake Irish: The American Quinton Flynn as the Irish Henry.
  • Fan Nickname: Mister Sir Henry Motherfucker.
  • No Export for You: Averted with the HD port Heroes Paradise. Ubisoft, the publisher of the original for the Wii, decided not to pick up the HD port for release in North America. Thankfully, Konami has stepped in and will be publishing Heroes Paradise as a PS3 exclusive in the west with PlayStation Move support (of course this does mean Xbox 360 owners had this trope played very straight, made worse by the fact the game is region locked).
  • Playing Against Type:
  • What Could Have Been: Matt of Two Best Friends Play, who worked on the game as a tester, confirmed during his own LP of the game that Grasshopper originally had put in the ability to send pedestrians flying and then explode into a fountain of blood for the North American version. Matt, concerned that this would cause the ESRB to up the age rating to a possible AO (due to violence against pedestrians in any non-Grand Theft Auto game being more heavily scrutinized by the ESRB, and AO games are not permitted to be sold on any consoles), asked Grasshopper to remove this detail, to which they did comply.

    Lyrics to "The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything" (Dr. Peace's song): 
Despair, the end of the world
I hear the rising phoenix in my dreams
And the virgin child made her wish upon a star
That night her mother talks no more
Cape of Hope, the end of the dream
A shiny fish splashes in a stream
And the virgin child loses her heart and soul
That night her mother's eyes see no more
When the wind blows
The virgin child's corpse sings a song
Such a pretty melody, never heard before
No more lullabies
The virgin child, smiles from Hell