Trivia / Jurassic Park: The Game

  • Name's the Same: Nima Cruz shares her surname with a character from the first book: the doctor who treats a victim of the feral Procompsognathus, and who calls in Dr Guitierrez to identify the lizard. They don't have anything else in common, though.
    • Like Nima, Oscar Morales shares a name with a character from the first book: a midwife who is asked by Dr Carter what a "raptor" is during the prologue, and who fails to report a baby attack done by a Procompsognathus flock. Nothing like the Morales of this game, obviously.
  • Science Marches On: Dr. Sorkin's journal handwaves a lot of the differences between recent scientific discovery and how the dinos were portrayed in the movies. They basically just excuse it as being the fault of splicing in the frog DNA and advise that we try not to worry about it.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, one scene in Episode 2 would have you search for the corpse of David Banks, Dr. Sorkin's assistant. However, what Telltale had planned for Banks would have bumped the rating up to an "M", so it was cut. Considering how some scenes that did make it in — such as Nedry's half-eaten corpse and the ''Troodon'' nest — already push the "T" rating to its limits, one can't help but wonder just how horrific Banks' fate really was.