Funny / Jurassic Park: The Game

  • The argument between Garry and Jess as seen here starting at 8:43:
    Garry: So you are smoking now? What else are you doing that I don't know about?
    Jess: What? Mom didn't tell you I was stripping?
  • Most of Billy and Oscar's references to past Noodle Incidents qualify:
    Billy (discussing Nima's plans for the embryos): She may be a pain in the ass, but she knows what she's doing.
    Oscar: That's what you said about that waitress in Colombia's cooking!
    Billy: Hey, that wasn't her fault! It was salmonella!
  • Billy's Deadpan Snarker attitude tends to provide many of these, too:
    Oscar: You're supposed to be at the crash site.
    Billy: Yeah, um... the plan didn't factor in an angry T. rex, so we had to change it. I didn't think about engaging it in a knife fight, sorry.
  • Billy's reply to Oscar's unintentional Cat Scare in Episode 3. "Dammit, Oscar! I only have one pair of pants!
  • Even a few of the death scenes are quite funny, if you have a dark sense of humour. Some standout examples:
  • The segment in episode 1 where you have to construct Spanish sentences to try and tell Nima to rest. It's like a Peggy Hill simulator!
  • Particularly on console versions, the model and graphic errors can result in unintentional hilarity like Billy and Oscar holding and firing invisible guns and Oscar knife fighting a Velociraptor with a combat knife held firmly through his wrist.