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Headscratchers: Jurassic Park: The Game
  • The game explains why there couldn't possibly be a mosasaur at the park before it shows up... but unless I missed it somehow, they don't explain how they got past that problem when there turns out to be one.
    • It's possible they found mosquitoes with DNA in it and got lucky. The mosquitoes might have sucked blood from a Mosasaur as it came to the surface to breathe, or when its body got washed ashore. Otherwise, I don't know. That in itself raises awkward questions, though, as Mosasaurs most likely gave birth to live young like Ichthyosaurs did, rather than laying eggs as would be required for the cloning to work. And you didn't miss anything — the thing simply goes unexplained in the game.
    • Well, the question isn't just "how was the mosasaur there?" but "how did no one know the mosasaur was there?" I mean, generally zoos don't build enclosures they don't plan to put anything in. That setup looked like a lot of money went into it. Gerry talks about the marine exhibit like he knew it was there, and there aren't many reasons why the park would build something that fancy with no plans to use it. Also why would they have feeder fish and a schedule for releasing them if nothing was in the tank? So how is it such a shock that there was an animal meant to go in it?
    • It's there for future expansion, since eventually the idea would be that they would have aquatic dinosaurs and hey, it's easier to build the entire thing before you start bringing in the deadly dinosaurs to eat the construction crews. And since Gerry wasn't responsible for taking care of the Mosasaur he wasn't informed that they had created one (and he doesn't see the feeding schedules). It's not meant to be a surprise for the players since it's used in the menu screen (for the iOS at least).
  • Why did Nima take Gerry and Jess hostage at the end of Episode 1? As far as I can tell, she was pretty much in the clear at that point, and just had to ride the rescue out to get her pay. Did she just grab the Idiot Ball, or was there something I missed?
    • I think its because she would be investigated once they are saved. Eveyone else had a reason to be on the island, they would want to know who she was.
    • And there is a time limit for the can of shaving cream before the coolant runs out and the dino embryos die. She needed to get the can to her contact ASAP, so waiting until they get back to the mainland isn't an option for her.
  • Why did Yoder betray Jess and Gerry near the end? It really serves no purpose at all, especially since they weren't responsible for any of his hardships.
    • It DOES serve a purpose. It shows us how mentally damaged Yoder has become due to the deaths of his friends. He wants to use the money to honor his fallen comrades, but his desperation to do so caused him to not think his plans through. He couldn't just take Jess and Gerry with him, because then he'd risk getting ratted out by them. The way he was getting the money was illegal. He thought he didn't have a choice. Just because you yourself can think of something else Yoder could've done instead of betraying them, doesn't mean he could've thought of it himself at that point.
    • I'm guessing because Jess saw the can, which made her too much of a risk even if he did cover it with a "joke". Moreover, with his buddies gone he preferred to get his money than to do his job. Oscar made it clear at one point that they couldn't do both, and Billy had suggested they split the jobs between them. Couple this with his suspicion that the civilians take him and his buddies for granted, and he probably thought "Screw it, they're not worth it."
  • Where did the raptors come from? In the original film, Muldoon says that the alpha female "killed all but two of the others", and all three die at the end of the film. One gets locked in a freezer, and the others are eaten by the T. rex. Yet here, we're suddenly introduced to five new ones without explanation.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Remember how in the movies the dinosaurs manage to procreate due to the frog DNA? Life finds it's way, indeed.
    • When I first saw the film I thought the incident with the alpha female was from a while back. I was probably wrong, but I don't remember Muldoon mentioning when that mess happened.
    • The in-game journals reveal that a new shipment of Raptors had been sent in from Site B and they were being held in a holding pen on the other side of the Island.
  • When the T-Rex and the Triceratops are fighting, the T-Rex stops Jess for some reason switches its focus to her, and the Triceratops just stands still for thirty seconds rather than taking advantage and killing it for being Too Dumb to Live. It does charge again, but there's no reason it couldn't have while the T-Rex was distracted.
    • You didn't see what was going on with the Triceratops while the T-Rex was focused on Jess. For all you know, the Triceratops (which was an alpha-female, implying the possibility of being elderly like a Matriarch elephant) might've just run out of stamina and was taking a short breather while the T-Rex was distracted. Or even the Triceratops herself could've been distracted by some unseen dinosaur, or the T-Rex turning away caused the Triceratops to think the fight was over before something changed her mind.
  • Based on the vehicles and computer we see it's safe to assume the game takes place in the early 1990's, same as the movie. I'm not sure about Gerry's zip-off type trousers (I first remember seeing them in the late 90's), but Chadwick's Walther P99 certainly couldn't have existed in 1992. Of the numerous pistols they could have modeled, why that one?
    • Considering that the science behind the dinosaurs isn't very accurate, it's probably an Acceptable Break from Reality. Either they didn't think anyone would care or they didn't have the time/money to research and model a new gun and just used one they already had on hand.
  • How did no one at the park notice that Dr Sorkin didn't euthanize the Troodon after all? Even if they were kept in quarantine did no one ever happen to be inspecting quarantine and notice them? While one could potentially push it off as Hammond cutting corners, this is a species the man honestly wanted gone. Why wouldn't he make sure his will was done?
  • Dr. Sorlin clearly had all the information to put together that Nima was bitten by a Troodon but claims she only thought they might have been escaping when there's no way she wouldn't out two and two together to know. Even if you claim she only said that save her skin, why wouldn't she tell the people trying to make sure they all survive that there's another danger since she's at risk too?
  • Why are there wet suits that fit Jess (a fourteen year old) in the Mosasaur exhibit? Were they planning on letting people swim with that thing?
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