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YMMV: Jurassic Park: The Game
  • Author's Saving Throw: Dr. Wu adding the frog DNA is used (somehow) for the explanation as to why the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar don't always match up with the fossil record.
  • Awesome Music: Much of the film's original score is reprised in some way.
    • "Don't Remember You", which plays during Oscar's scuffle with the Velociraptor, in a Stylistic Suck sort of way.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The rollercoaster ride and the Herrerasaurus attack. Its sole purpose is to delay the heroes until the rescue team arrive. The coaster is only given the briefest explanation, and nobody refers to it again. Moreover, the Herrerasaurus pack literally come out of nowhere, get whacked, and then never appear again. It's easy to mistake them for members of the Velociraptor species if you're not paying attention.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Oscar has proven to be possibly the most popular character in the game. The fact that he knife-fights a Raptor and wins probably helps.
  • Epileptic Tree: Okay, so how did InGen obtain Mosasaur DNA? Gerry even mentions that it would be next to impossible to find any. Your guess is as good as ours.
  • Genius Bonus: Gerry mentions to Yoder that reviving the Herrerasaurus enabled the scientists to firmly classify it as an early theropod. This is an actual debate among palaeontologists, as that species lived early on when dinosaurs were evolving as a separate group.
    • Dr. Sorkin's journal mentions that being able to clone Triceratops has confirmed her suspicions that the related ceratopsian Torosaurus was really a mature specimen rather than a distinct genus. This is another ongoing debate among paleontologists.
    • Also, the marine exhibit has an aquarium with a central display. Gerry has quite a few chances to teach his daughter about living fossils and the geological strata. They provide clues to solving the puzzle of the room.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Nima can come off as this, given how understandable her intentions are. Yoder becomes one, as the gruesome fates of his friends push him off the deep end.
  • Love It or Hate It: Depends largely on how you feel about QTEs, which constitute half the gameplay.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Some gamers who dislike the game ignore the fact that the entire point of the game was supposed to recreate the atmosphere of the movie. They mostly complain about it not being a shooter, despite Telltale Games's insistence to avoid making that kind of game.
  • Narm: Some of the death scenes are unintentionally funny.
  • One-Scene Wonder: David Banks in episode one makes a few comments while Sorkin is hacking the system, but remains out of sight and is never seen again after that. The exact details of his offscreen death are never disclosed.
    • The Herrerasaurus make one brief appearance in episode two during one of the odder action segments, and then are never heard from again. The Mosasaur from the last episode may also count.
  • The Scrappy: Dr. Sorkin once we've met her in person. She loses her helpful traits and instead puts everyone in danger by not mentioning the Troodon sooner, releasing the Mosasaur, and using the others as hostages.
  • Too Cool to Live: Poor Oscar.
  • What an Idiot / Idiot Ball: Nima had no reason to crash the jeep at the beginning of episode one. If she hadn't, then she might have gotten out of there and been none the worse.
    • Gerry delays far too long when he sees Lady Margaret approaching the gate.
    • It's hard to understand why Yoder and Oscar leave a wounded Vargas unattended during episode two, especially when Yoder wants to help him and there are dangerous creatures around.
    • During episode three, Jess moves into the smaller parallel tunnel while Sorkin and her father argue over the lysine contingency. It's bad enough that she leaves the safety of the main tunnel and possibly lets the raptors breach the barrier, but on top of that the tunnel is in total darkness where just anything could sneak up on her.
    • Gerry and Nima are separated from the others during episode four. They then have what can be an inordinately long conversation, during which time they are making virtually no progress towards the marine exhibit. This is all the more jarring when Gerry was getting worried over Jess's safety just a minute ago.
    • In episode four, Yoder runs for the can while mere feet away from the Tyrannosaurus. This is a desperate move, yes, but then why — instead of diving into the water or making a run for it — does he stand there like a goof admiring his prize once he grabbed it? Did he happen to forget the multi-ton monstrosity standing next to him?
    • Nima, if you send her after the can instead of Jess. She stands there smiling for a few seconds, then suddenly forgets not to move when the T-rex starts to turn around. What makes it all the more ridiculous is that she actually stops moving for a few seconds after noticing the T-rex, making it look like she was going to use the tactic that had worked not two minutes ago.
    • Dr. Sorkin. Despite rather clearly getting that it's what bit Nima, she later claims she had no idea that the Troodon were really escaping quarantine and had only guessed at the possibility that it had happened. It's pretty easy to agree with Yoder that she's endangered them all by not admitting to it sooner. The Reveal at she likely cares more for the dinos than the humans only slightly mitigates it.

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