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Trivia: Jem
  • I Am Not Spock: Britta Phillips, who provided the singing voice of Jem, isn't quite as sentimental to the series as other former voice actors. During bonus feature interviews she rather neutrally discusses how Jem was a silly job she did for a short time in her teens, but wasn't much more than that for her.
  • Tuckerization: Eric Raymond was named after creator Christy Marx's brother.
  • What Could Have Been: During season three, Hasbro scrapped the Jem toyline due to declining sales. Not only were several lines canned and the show canceled, but dolls for the new characters were never released, such as The Stingers. Furthermore, the fifth Misfit, Graphix was never introduced.
    • Christy Marx even said there were plans for a Jem movie with a pair of sound-controlling psychic twins, as well as an evil counterpart to Synergy. This got scrapped after the failure of Sunbow's Transformers film.
    • She also wanted to do a follow up episode about Danny, a one off character Deirdre (a Starlight Girl) meets when she ran away in "The Music Awards". It would have dealt with Danny and his alcoholic father. However, Hasbro wouldn't have that; an uncommon case of Executive Meddling having a positive effect.
  • Hey, It's That Voice! / She Also Did: In "The Bands Break Up", Kimber's singing voice was done by Florence Warner, who many TV viewers may know as the voice of the "Hello (insert city and /or state here)" campaign done by various local TV stations throughout much of the 1980snote 

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