Funny / Jem

  • In Danse Time, Eric informs the Misfits that they have to scrap their music video and redo it with a theme about friendship and good will in order to win $250,000.
    Jetta: Friendship?!
    Pizzazz: Good will?!
    Stormer: Sounds nice!
    (The Misfits each give her a Death Glare)
    Stormer: Well, only if you like friendship. And good will.
    • They then proceed to make a new music video. And Eric has chosen a symbol of friendship and good will for the basis of the video. They make a music video entirely about gumballs.
  • "You let Pizzazz loose with a laser gun?!"
  • In Broadway Magic, Jem gets stuck at the Statue of Liberty because of the Misfits. Two workers offer to give her a ride on their boat back to Manhattan, but one of them demands to know who she really is in exchange (Eric Raymond offered a reward for her real identity). After the guy pushes his partner into the water, Jem uses Synergy to create the illusion of taking off a mask and revealing... the guy's face. The following freak out and seeing Jem with the head of a balding, middle-aged guy is hilarious.
  • In Starbright Part 2, the Misfits decide to start taking advantage of the Holograms having no choice but to perform with them. They immediately start by taking over the Holograms dressing room. What truly makes this scene funny is Stormer's halfhearted attempt at being mean:
    Pizzazz: Alright ladies, this dressing room is too good for you!
    Aja and Kimber: What?!
    Jem: But-
    Roxy: Take your gear and get out!
    Stormer: Yeah, and don't forget your toothbrushes!
  • The Misfits Bad "Bad Acting" in Beauty and the Rock Promoter, leading up to Pizzazz being dragged offstage by the henchmen of the mafioso who was backing the play. Complete with obligatory "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I'M A STAR!" shrieking.
    • Even better, later when the Beast is dying from Beauty's disappearance:
    Beast: Ugh, I'm am dying. Beauty... where are you?
    Random Audience Member: You're better off without her!
  • In Scandal, the Misfits are asked by a couple of reporters if they have any work planned for the day, or if they're "just cruising for a vagrancy charge".
  • "You're just a potato-sack seamstress for a bunch of orphans!" Best. Insult. EVER.
  • In Father's Day, Clash suggests that the Misfits go to her hometown Mulberry for Father's Day.
    Pizzazz: "Mulberry?! Sounds like a new soda for wimps!"
  • When Jem creates holograms of Pizzazz's conscience in an episode and they begin to float around Pizzazz and tell her that they're her conscience, guess what she says:
    Pizzazz: "I haven't got one!"
  • In Change of Heart, Jem uses her holograms to disguise a surfboard.
  • One episode has Pizzazz throwing darts at a photograph of Eric Raymond with devil horns drawn on. She gets ready to throw an egg at the picture right as Eric opens the door, resulting in Eric Raymond literally having egg on his face!
  • The song We're The Misfits In Hawaii is ostensibly a song written to "celebrate this festive Hawaiian holiday" but is really a long complaint about what a miserable time they're having, set to uncharacteristically upbeat and cheery music. Made even funnier by the slapsticky scenes in the music video.
    We've been to the beach and returned,
    And, oh, did we get burned — ouch!
    We bask in the tropical breezes,
    We got seven tropical diseases!