Heartwarming / Jem

  • In Roxy Rumbles, Roxy manages to lose all the money she won in the lottery and hasn't managed to change anything. Ba Nee gives Roxy a "My First Reader" book in order to help Roxy overcome her illiteracy. Roxy seems genuinely touched by this, before Eric and the Misfits show up to bring Roxy back home. We later see Roxy actually using the book, before Jetta comes in and starts making fun of her again. Roxy tosses the book in a wastebasket and forces Jetta out of the room. She then locks the door, takes the book out of the wastebasket, and starts using it again.
    • That episode provides the interpretation for another heartwarming moment, that is, the relationship between Roxy and Stormer. Despite picking on her like the rest of the band, Roxy obviously felt she could trust Stormer enough to let her know that she couldn't read. Or Stormer found out and promised not to tell, since she clearly didn't find it as hilarious as Jetta and Pizzazz did. In Roxy's Imagine Spot during I'm Gonna Change, Stormer's the only one showing approval to Roxy while Pizzazz and Jetta glower. When Roxy leaves, Stormer immediately points out to Pizzazz's face that Roxy left because Pizzazz let her, so she has no right to complain, and actually bothers to try and find out where Roxy suddenly got all her money.
  • In Scandal, the conversation between Kimber and Synergy after the former asks to be changed into "Someone hard and mean; someone who can never be hurt!" is surprisingly sweet.
    Synergy: Is this another phase you're going through, Kimber?
    Kimber: Uh-uh! The dumb little good girl phase is over! I'm staying tough!
    Synergy: Your father hoped you'd be strong. But I suppose "tough", is good enough...
    • A smaller moment happens earlier. After the Holograms read some of the pages from Kimber's diary, which expresses her exasperation and annoyance with them, the band isn't insulted, because they know her well enough to know she probably didn't mean it.
  • Father's Day, which showed that despite what a pain Clash is, she genuinely loves her dad and he loves her back.
    • The final music video for Father's Day, which the Holograms perform, provided instances of Kimber and Jerrica bonding with their deceased father, and briefly showed Harvey Gabor reflecting on one of the few moments he spent time with Pizzazz when she was a little girl. To top it off, when the Holograms finish singing, even Misfits groupie Clash is applauding.
  • Stormer is quite honestly a bevy of these moments.
    • Disaster: She starts to cry after hearing about how Starlight House has been burned down, so now Jerrica and the Starlight Girls need somewhere new to stay.
    • Frame Up': Stormer bonds with Starlight Girl Ashley, who has been trying to make friends with the Misfits and is only just beginning to realize that Pizzazz and Roxy are just using her. This leads to a moment where Stormer is able to relate with Ashley. She finds Ashley hiding behind a standee in a theater lobby after overhearing Pizzazz and Roxy being mean.
      Ashley: Don't hurt me!
      Stormer: I wouldn't hurt you, Ashley.
      Ashley: Roxy and Pizzazz scare me.
      Stormer: Yeah, they scare me sometimes too.
    • Starbright Part 2, Clash informs Eric and the Misfits that the Holograms need to perform in the movie to afford an eye operation for one of the Starlight Girls. Eric, Pizzazz, and Roxy are already overjoyed that they can now mess with the Holograms and they can't do a thing about it. Stormer, on the other hand, asks this:
      Stormer: Which little girl?
      • Fridge Logic comes into play, when you realize that Stormer might've thought that it was Ashley who needed the operation, since she knew that Clash meant one of the Starlight Girls and didn't clarify that it was Ba Nee. This would also mean she still felt guilty about leaving Ashley in that trunk in Battle of the Bands.
    • The Talent Search, which introduces her brother Craig. The two truly care for one another, and Stormer only asks Craig to find out Jem's real identity through Aja because the Misfits have threatened to kick her out. The sight of his sister crying as she explains this is what leads to Craig's Crowning Moment of Awesome. Then you realize that Craig still treats Stormer the same way, regardless if she's a Misfit, and her standing in the Misfits hasn't changed the way she treats him.
    • The Band Breaks Up, where Stormer finally has enough of her band's disrespect and quits, only to form a duo with Kimber. The two begin to develop a genuine friendship, until the Misfits manage to bribe Stormer back by pretending to act sweet and thankful. Stormer, however, goes back to Kimber to finish their album, because Stormer was more appreciative of Kimber's sincerity than anything the Misfits could give her.
      • When Stormer is offered a spot in the Holograms, Pizzazz and the others arrive and make a genuine, heartfelt plea for Stormer to come back. They even say please! Stormer realizes that the Misfits really do need her, but makes a stipulation that her opinion and standing are treated with full respect from now on. Pizzazz agrees to this, and the Misfits also let Stormer say goodbye to Kimber without a fuss.
  • "Riot's Hope" and "A Father Should Be..." are one big Pet the Dog moment for Riot and the Stingers.
  • After Jacqui is killed in the plane crash Aja practically begging not to be sent away and Emmett reassuring her he wouldn't send them away.
  • Rapture's legitimate concern for Minx's well being in A Change of Heart, first when she tries to get Riot to help her save Minx from drowning and then begging Rio to help when Riot won't listen, to thinking Minx should take it easy the next day and not exert herself.
  • Minor example: Not only Rio, but Flint Westwood, who's established to be just as much a badass as the original, standing up for Jem after Eric mistreats her in "Hollywood Jem."
  • From a musical standpoint, it's heartwarming to know that The Holograms appreciate and, in some cases, are still fans of their music influences and the bands/artists that pioneered the music they play, whereas other bands at the time (like the Misfits) are quick to forget them. A number of episodes involve them helping out classic artists which include saving an apartment building containing a shrine to classic Rock 'N Roll groups like Bobby Bailey And The Tornadoes (the original artist of a song they covered, no less), reuniting an old Jazz quartet after a former member is insulted on TV, holding a concert where they share the stage with artist expies of Rowan Owens (Stevie Wonder), Ron Cox (Mick Jagger), Johnny Deacon (Bruce Springsteen) Lena Lerner (Tina Turner) and Luna Dark (Cyndi Lauper); and even travling through time to meet musical legends like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Ben Tiller Orchestra and Johnny Beldrix.
  • "Out of the Past".
    • Emmett Benton's reason for creating Synergy is to give his biological and surrogate daughters a Parental Substitute after his wife died, knowing that he himself didn't have much time left and couldn't bear to tell his girls he was dying. Could also qualify as a Tear Jerker.
    • Near the end of the episode, Jerrica asks Rio for forgiveness for the time she used Eric Raymond to make him jealous when she was 17. Rio assures her that he nearly forgot about that incident and that it's okay because he's certain that Eric Raymond is the one man he'd never lose her to.
  • In the Talent Search Part 2, Crag reassures Raya that she's talented and the Jem and the Holograms can help her see the talent she has.
  • Also in the Talent Search, How relieved Shana was to learn the others didn't really want her to go.
    Shana: How could I ever doubt you guys are my best friends?
    • Also in that episode, the other holograms go to Raya's house after Shana returns and Raya thinks she's not needed in the band.