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Trivia: In Living Color!
  • Edited for Syndication: Despite the Wayans' siblings objection to have the show censored in reruns, there have been some cuts done to In Living Color in reruns, particularly on BET, where such misogynistic epithets as "bitch" and "ho" are edited. The DVD version has the language intact, but some sketches have been pulled or edited to remove all references to pop songs (including the music video parodies) due to copyright and licensing issues.
    • Also, the first episode originally had a parody of the Colt 45 commercials with Billy Dee Williams (played by Keenan-Ivory Wayans) making his date (played by Kim Coles) drink until she passes out with Williams moving in on her unconscious body. FOX didn't like the Black Comedy Rape punchline to the sketch, so it was replaced in all reruns (including cable reruns and on the DVD) with a sitcom sketch called "The Exxon Family," about a clumsy Exxon ship captain and his wife (played by token white cast members Jim Carrey and Kelly Coffield). Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can now see this lost sketch and judge for yourself if FOX was right or wrong to remove it.
  • Romance on the Set: Kelly Coffield later married Steve Park (the show's first and only Asian cast member who got his start on the third season).
  • Screwed by the Network: The series became popular due to its edgy humor, so naturally FOX decided to clamp down on content, driving away the show's creative team in the process and leading to Seasonal Rot in its fifth and final season.
  • Type Casting: One character named Magenta Thompson was an actress who always had roles where she is always pushed aside and told by the pusher to "get out of my way, bitch!" This happens even when she is a playing a coma patient, or a potential victim in the latest Friday the 13th film.

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