Trivia: Home on the Range

  • Executive Meddling:
    • The Working Title for this film was Sweatin' Bullets. Despite being much less conventional than a title taken from an already-famous song, Disney reportedly changed it because they did not "want children seeing a film with the word 'bullets' in the title!"
    • Originally, the film involved literal Ghost Riders in the Sky stealing cattle with a young calf as the protagonist.
    • A deleted scene features Slim's ultimate plan: to use the captured cattle to march on Washington, DC and take over the White House. Sadly, they decided the idea was too strange.
    • When the White House plan was scuttled, Slim's plan was changed to having the cows sold for slaughter. Disney had an eye on a McDonald's promotion, and didn't want kids making the connection, so the fate of the cows is left ambiguous: the only reference left in the film is the line "Don' wanna be late for that big round-up in the sky!"
  • Franchise/Genre-Killer: As far as 2D Disney animation goes it almost killed the franchise, until The Princess and the Frog redeemed it somewhat.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The bovine trio are Roseanne, M, and Bonnie Swanson.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Originally Slim and his trio of henchmen were going to be ghost rustlers after being killed in a stampede. The one legged rabbit whose leg Slim stole was going to be a protagonist.
    • The deleted scenes revealed a alternate opening with three singing/narrating fly creatures, an alternate meeting with Lucky Jack, a coyote chase scene, and a different goal by Slim to use his hypnotized cows to storm the White House and be president. The producers realized all these scenes worked well on their own, but not in the context of the overall film, so they cut them all out.