Awesome / Home on the Range
  • Buck's Heel–Face Turn: After learning that Rico's not a lawful bounty hunter, but rather, a mercenary who's been working for Alameda Slim the entire time, he sees the cows being forced into a train, promptly heads to the cows' rescue, wildly tosses Rico off his back and punches Mr. Weasley with his hoof!
    Maggie: Buck, have you gone crazy?!
    Buck: Well, that's entirely possible! Or maybe I've just figured out who the real heroes are!
  • All the farm animals battling Slim;
    • First it starts with Jeb and the piggies tossing cans at Slim
    Jeb: Piggies, it's time to open up a can of WHOOP-HIDE!
    • Then the chicks climb up Slim's clothes and one crows loudly in his ear
    • Then Slim gets pecked by the chickens
    Audrey: You wanna get nuts?! LET'S GET NUTS!!
  • Grace kicks a cowbell into Slim's mouth to save her friends from his hypnotic song.
  • The cows and the law may not agree, but Slim rustling 5000 cattle in less than three minutes—without even distressing them—is actually quite impressive when you get down to it.