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Trivia: Heavy Rain
  • Fake American: Practically everyone (inverted with Paco and Hassan). Madison is voice acted by an American, but her motion capture is by a British actress.
  • Fan Nickname: 'Not Jason'. ARI: detective spectacles = 'detectacles'!
    • 'Nahman Jayden' as a jab at Norman's thick Boston New York generic Northeastern accent.
    • Another nickname a few fans came up with was Nomnom Jayden.
    • Japanese fans have been known to transcribe Ethan as E3 (E-san).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Madison (in The Taxidermist only) is voiced by Carla Valenti.
    • Nathaniel Williams, Miroslav Korda (the armed robber) and a few one shot characters are Sareth (Tercelin Kirtley).
    • Captain Perry is The Oracle (Paul Bandley).
    • Adrian Baker is also fellow Mad Doctor Dr. Johnansson and Lance Boyle (Christian Erikson).
    • Troy (the pimp who harasses Lauren (and proceed to get his ass kicked by Scott)) is Jack Carver (Peter Thias).
    • Mad Jack, Paco Mendez, Hassan and the gravedigger are both Lucas Kane and Tyler Miles (David Gasman).
  • Let's Play: LordMune goes through the game with two simultaneous runs—as he's "supposed" to, and completely cocking things up.
    • Another one is featured by the duo Two Best Friends Play, where they spend a great deal of time making fun of the game and some of the looser sections of the plot.
  • The Other Darrin: In this pack, Madison is voiced by a completely different voice actor to the main story.
  • What Could Have Been: There were some scenes that would have elaborated onto some plot threads but were scrapped in the final game. One of them were two dream sequences for Ethan Mars involving being flooded in water and haunted by Jason during his black outs. These were removed due to David Cage feeling that it felt too supernatural.
    • There was also originally going to be scene involving why Madison Paige' suffers from insomnia. She covered wars, ya know.
    • Downloadable episodes, beyond the Taxidermist, were planned out. This includes one where Jayden received the scar on his cheek. Unfortunately, the plans were abandoned in favor of adding Playstation Move support for the game.

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