Trivia / Heavy Traffic

  • Development Hell: Bakshi intended to make this as his first film, but Krantz instead suggested a film based off another property, leading to Fritz the Cat.
  • Executive Meddling: It dodges the bullet from this. During production, Ralph had a bit of a fallout with the producer for not getting paid much from Fritz's success. Ralph was then fired from the film and the direction was given to animation legend Chuck Jones. Chuck declined the offer believing that the film was better off in Bakshi’s hand. You can say Ralph was lucky on this one.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: The cantankerous Ida is voiced by the now-retired Terry Haven, a real-life Manic Pixie Dream Girl who literally stops to smell the roses.
  • Like with Fritz, this film was originally given a X rating despite attempts by its producer to get it a R, but home video releases give it a R rating instead.