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Nightmare Fuel / Heavy Rain

  • The death scenes of this game is very nerve wreaking if you fail to do the QTEs on time. Most notably, Madison is killed by the Doc shoving a power drill into her private parts. Here is the death scenes here on YouTube.
  • Special mention goes to the third trial, where Ethan is forced to cut off his freaking finger. It's not so much the fact it's being cut off so much as it is the fact you CONTROL EVERY SECOND OF IT, even as he screams in agony. The fact you even get to choose which instrument he does it with (which happens to include an axe, wire cutters and a pair of scissors among other things) somehow makes it worse. If you use the scissors, he has to cut off a lingering bit of it... twice.
    • If you take too long on the final use of ARI as Jayden, his eyes start bleeding. Then he dies if you take even longer.
    • The Origami Killer's method of murder. You'll be afraid to get into the bathtub, let alone any large body of water.
    • When Ethan hallucinates he sees Jason again in the train station. From his point of view, time is frozen, and any time he touches one of the other people in the station, they fall limply, as if suddenly sucked of life. Try not to get nauseous.
    • Adrian Baker. What are the fucking odds that investigating leads on a serial killer makes you bump into ANOTHER serial killer? And a less insane, more evil one?
      • Pretty big when Fridge Brilliance sets in and you realize that the case Shelby has spent the entire game solving is the identity of his own copy cat.
    • Leland White, the suspect that Madison investigates in the Taxidermist DLC, kills women and has them stuffed just like the animals mounted on his wall.
    • The first stuffed woman Madison sees is VERY creepy it is just sitting on the couch smiling.
    • The Butterfly trial. Crawling through a tiny tunnel with broken glass all over the floor is anyone with claustrophobia's worst nightmare. Especially if you look at Ethan's arms after he's done this.
      • And then having to slide down an incredibly narrow chute to get to the condenser maze once they get to the end of that part of the trial? Good luck keeping your lunch if you have claustrophobia.
    • In the Butterfly trial, one wrong turn sends you straight into the dead body of another father who tried and failed to escape the tunnel.
    • Want some Paranoia Fuel? That sweet guy who saved you from suicide, took care of your baby, and stopped a robber from shooting you in the head may kidnap and kill your son the next day. Rock yourself to sleep with that one.
      • Note, in all the examples listed, he already did kill their sons. *shudder*
    • Madison's dream.
  • During the fight against Mad Jack (Outside section), Mad Jack comes and throws Norman out of nowhere.
    • Not to mention that when you investigate on the scrap yard, you can find a human skull floating in a tank of what seems to be acid.
    • How about one of his deaths in the chapter. Being crushed under a car while yelling.
  • Unintentional on the developers' part, while the graphics are great, they do still fall into the Uncanny Valley from time to time; most notably the TV reporter you see throughout the game.
  • The complete lack of caring shown by Scott's father when he's told one of his sons is drowning is very disturbing. He even claims it'll be a good thing if it happens.
  • Brad Silver chasing Ethan around his apartment with a SHOTGUN. you could easily say that he is Ax-Crazy personified.