What An Idiot: Heavy Rain

  • When Ethan came to the warehouse by himself and save Shaun, Blake has surrounded him with lots of policemen.
    You'd Expect: He acknowledges that he is with his son and realizing he is not the Origami Killer.
    Instead: He doesn't and opens fire on him in front of his son. The bright side to this is that he loses his job.
  • "Uploaded": Blake is told by Captain Perry now that Jayden is dead, he can do whatever he wants with his ARI glasses. While working, he is tempted to try it.
    You'd Expect: He decided to throw it away since that he feels suspicious of it.
    Instead: He puts it on and enjoys it briefly before a vision of Jayden appears, hinting that he'll suffer the effects of the ARI next.
  • "Under Arrest" has Norman pushing and punching Blake when he is beating the crap out of Ethan. This results Blake to pull out his gun at him. If you save Ethan when he's not in the floor, he'll be there to see it.
    You'd Expect: Norman tells him that he's not supposed to bring a gun while in interrogation otherwise Ethan might get it which he'll do by grabbing his right hand.
    Instead: He tells Blake that he's out of his mind and shooting him will make him lose his job. Ethan doesn't do anything to save him.
    • There's also when he attempts to tell Captain Perry about it.
      You'd Expect: The captain will go to the interrogation and show Blake who's boss.
      Instead: He just tells Norman to put a sock on it, proving he's also incompetent.
  • Ethan's ex-wife Grace comes to the police station to talk to Norman and Blake about a few months ago, while she and Ethan were still married (taking place after Jason's death and Ethan came out of his coma), she found him saying about drowning when he returned to work. To her, it didn't make sense as if she thinks that Ethan might have a case of Split Personality after their son's death.
    You'd Expect: That despite all that is happening, she would know that her ex is really a good person and doesn't have to do anything with what happened when he talked of the incident.
    Instead: She ended up mentioning that it might be connected with the Origami Killer, giving Blake a false belief that Ethan is the Origami Killer and spends the second half of the game hunting him down rather helping him find his son and stopping the Origami Killer. Way to go, Grace.
  • Norman's ending, "Case Closed", has him being declared as a hero for apprehending the Origami Killer. After being part of a talk show, he wonders what to do with the Triptocaine.
    You'd Expect: Now that the case is over, he would consider the fact that neither the drug nor the ARI is making his mental health any better if he constantly uses it. Remembering this, he would throw away those two things and never again be using them in future investigations.
    Instead: He only throws away the Triptocaine. As a result, he can see the virtual tanks even without the ARI, making him go crazy permanently.
  • Also, the selection of whom Norman will be paired with in aiding the police in catching the Origami Killer.
    You'd Expect: For Captain Perry to realize that partnering a Rabid Cop who constantly uses Police Brutality and a By-the-Book Cop who uses hi-tech equipment would be a bad idea.
    Instead: They're paired to work the the case together and their different ideologies drive them apart and cripple the investigation.

  • In the ending, Ethan finds the grate Shaun is being drowned in. He is then confronted by the killer, who tells Ethan that he can have his son back- all he has to do is open the grate.
    You'd Expect: For Ethan to carefully walk backwards and open the grate.
    Instead: He turns his back on a serial murderer to open the grate! Unsurprisingly, the killer pulls out a gun and tries to shoot him. Ethan is only saved by the intervention of a cop who happens to be there for his own reasons.

  • The police are trying to apprehend/kill Ethan Mars, who they believe to be the Origami Killer. A swarm of them travel to his hideout and wait outside, guns at the ready...and then a lone woman comes running towards them, insisting that she has proof Ethan is innocent.
    You'd Expect: For one of the many cops there to take the woman aside and listen to what she has to say.
    Instead: Blake tells her to leave, and the other cops who heard the woman's claim just stand by. Because of that, an innocent man is nearly murdered.

  • Madison has a cell phone and access to a branch of law enforcement that does not require Ethan to go to the police directly to explain what's really going on and still get help finding Shaun.
    You'd Expect: He would call Madison, tell her everything, and then tell her to go the cops and explain, because he can still play the Origami Killer's game to buy them time while they use their far superior resources to find his son, which they are already trying to do.
    Instead: He convinces himself he has a split personality and does whatever he thinks it's telling him, without realizing that his alter ego can't do anything while he's lucid anyway and thus nothing is stopping him from doing whatever he wants.

  • After completing the Bear trial, Ethan is told his reward was in the glove compartment the whole time, something he did not need to drive the wrong way through traffic to access.
    You'd Expect: Ethan would take the time to carefully look over future trial locations to make sure he can't circumvent any other ones.
    Instead: He doesn't even try to look around, and ends up cutting off a finger when the clue he was trying to get was under a floorboard less than a foot from his chair.