Trivia / Dead Space 3

  • Franchise Killer: Narrowly averted. Originally, there was a statement made by EA claiming that they would kill the franchise if it didn't sell over 5 million units, which is more than the sales of the previous two games combined. Though the actual sales of the game have not pleased EA, they claim that they have redacted their statement, and will continue to work with their intellectual property. That said, EA has come out and said the franchise is "taking a break" for now. Add to that how many layoffs they've had, and things aren't looking good. Considering how the Awakened Downloadable Content Playable Epilogue ends, Dead Space 3 being the finale would make the entire franchise into one of the most spectacular cases of a "Shaggy Dog" Story ever. Whether or not they actually intend to continue the story at all in the future seems to be in perpetual limbo.
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: It's very hard not to see the end of Awakened, in which the Brethren Moons awaken and renew their cycle of wiping out all life in the galaxy, arriving at Earth en masse while Isaac and Carver look on hopelessly, as this, especially given the ridiculous expectations that EA had for the game as noted above.
  • What Could Have Been: The developer has opened up that their original concept for the game was to heavily explore Clarke's own mindscape, the psychoses he has developed as a result of his experiences and contact with the Marker, and uncertainty of knowing what is real. EA shut that down basically saying "Exploring insanity doesn't sell. Action sells."