Trivia / B't X

  • All-Star Cast: Heavily branded as "Masami Kurumada's 20th Anniversary Work" and "The Major Anime adaption of a Kurumada work after Saint Seiya." Based on The '90s stand-point, the Japanese casting was really big. Even the veteran voice actors of the time were considered renown to the Japanese public.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Arguably the best accomplishment Kurumada has ever pulled off for an animation adaption of his work. Knowing his work was enduring a huge turmoil during anime production, Kurumada swiftly made the move in giving Bt Shadow X the Canon Immigrant card, which grants the the anime Filler case of Shadow Xs plot to be safely, and fully developed within the manga, and by extension, steering the entire anime production to a smooth closure through Original Video Animation.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • During the turn into The '90s, Kurumada fellout with Shonen Jump with his Saint Seiya series, prompting it's cancellation. Leading him to leave Shueisha to reside with a different publisher who's willing to give him his creative freedom in developing a new story to catch some fresh air. Hence the birth of B't X through Shonen Ace of Kadokawa Shoten. The rest of his Saint Seiya francise was adopted by Akita Shoten's Weekly Shonen Champion and Champion Red magazine.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Due to Japan's failed attempt to release the DVD version of B't X NEO, along with the hard, HARD reach for Japan's limited-released TV Box set in DVD, most local Japanese fans have to crawl their way finding episodes online, or owning the French version of B't X, which released the complete TV and OVA set in one DVD box (with affordable pricing).
  • Screwed by the Network: TMS Entertainment were one of the many victims that were caught in the Executive Meddling of their hosted TV stations. Japanese TV stations at the time, particularly TBS (who produced B't X) and Fuji TV were desparate for ratings and were aggressively stuffing more TV programs within their channels in attempt to fish up their plundering viewership due to the rise of The Internet, and made the move to frequently, and forcibly shift around their existing programs to either death slots, or cutting air time, especially to programs they determined to be flying low in ratings. The TMS department that was working on B't X originally planned to weather out their Overtook the Manga period by pacing filler arcs within their planned one year (roughly 50 episodes) run. But their producers doesnt give a damn about slow brewing a product, and threw them the cut-time red card on short notice, hence, the anime was forced cut on the half year (25 episode) mark, right where Canon Foreigner Bt Shadow X was introduced. Which was why the latter half of the TV episodes were off paced, redrawn, and scrambled into ending, much to TMS chagrin. Kurumada proceeded in saving Shadow X to save both the anime adaption, and his work as a whole.