YMMV / B't X

Regarding the changes in the anime. While some battles are needlessly extended, some of the Filler gives provide much welcome Character Development and Foreshadowing.
  • Anti Climax Boss: Teppei faces two of these. One because his opponent wasn't an actual Machine Empire soldier and was using a jerry-rigged machine. Later on, due to a dying X activating its Super Mode previously, Teppei beats the 6th Point soldier without noticing him.
  • Anvilicious: War is Bad, very bad... not that stating it is bad, anyway. Specifically, wars that take civilian lives. Foh and Ron both mention they lost their parents when their homes were bombed. Flashbacks show us that the same happened to Hokuto, and Foh also states that all the kids in the church are war orphans.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Kurumada seemed to get the message about people not liking Seiya, in Saint Seiya, for only winning his fights due to support from others. So he made sure his Expy in B't X, Teppei, would pull his own weight in a fight and not need rescuing. He also learns a lot and grows as a character, especially after X's first death.
  • Woolseyism: The dub changes the name of most of the cast. This new names arguably fit better the very caucasian looking characters.