Trivia: Brother Bear

  • Cast the Expert: Disney went to Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley for advice on the Inuit language. They liked the way he spoke Inukituk so much, they created a narrator role for him.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the Spanish dub, Rutt and Tuke are played respectively by star comedians Jos Mota and Josema Yuste, who give more than one moment of funny.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Kenai was played by Joaquin Phoenix, who is known to fans for playing Garry Buckman-Lampkin, Jimmy Emmett, Max California, Commodus, etc.
  • I Knew It: Once Koda explains that he's been separated from his mother, many people saw the revelation of his mother being the bear Kenai killed coming.
    • How many didn't suspect Nita being transformed into a bear at the end of the second film?
  • Throw It In: Kenai's error on the name of Koda's friend and what type of pine product they found was a mistake on Joaquin Pheonix's part in the recording sessions. Koda's line afterwards was thrown in to help add to the banter and brotherly relationship.