Trivia / Brother Bear

  • Casting Gag: The McKenzie Brothers Traveling Moose Lodge definitely qualifies.
  • Cast the Expert: Disney went to Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley for advice on the Inuit language. They liked the way he spoke Inukituk so much, they created a narrator role for him.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the European Spanish dub, Rutt and Tuke are played respectively by star comedians José Mota and Josema Yuste, who give more than one moment of funny.
  • Cut Song: "The Fishing Song" by Phil Collins, which would have appeared instead of "Welcome".
  • DVD Commentary: Not by the filmmakers but by Rutt and Tuke as Animated Actors, which earns some funny moments during the movie like one of them asking for a pizza. Not only that, but the two moose also share some nonsensical conversations like at one point when Kenai turns back into a human and they start talking about moose turning into lions in The Lion King.
    • This exchange during Kenai's transformation scene:
      Tuke: What's happening?
      Rutt: Well, all the little girls decided to form a baseball team, and Walter Matthau is gonna be the coach.
      Tuke: What? You're lying; that's a whole other movie!
    • They end up lampshading quite a bit of tropes, especially Could Have Avoided This Plot.
    • At the very beginning with the caribou: "Why the heck do they have white butts?"
  • I Knew It: Once Koda explains that he's been separated from his mother, many people saw the revelation of his mother being the bear Kenai killed coming.
    • How many didn't suspect Nita being transformed into a bear at the end of the second film?
  • The Other Darrin: For unknown reasons, Joaquin Phoenix did not reprise his role as Kenai for the sequel—Patrick Dempsey replaced him.
  • Throw It In: Kenai's error on the name of Koda's friend and what type of pine product they found was a mistake on Joaquin Phoenix's part in the recording sessions. Koda's line afterwards was thrown in to help add to the banter and brotherly relationship.