Trivia / Brother Bear

  • Casting Gag: The McKenzie Brothers traveling Moose Lodge definitely qualifies.
  • Cast the Expert: Disney went to Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley for advice on the Inuit language. They liked the way he spoke Inukituk so much, they created a narrator role for him.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
    • In the European Spanish dub, Rutt and Tuke are played respectively by star comedians Josť Mota and Josema Yuste, who give many a moment of funny.
    • In the Brazilian dub, Kenai is voiced by Selton Mello (who three years earlier provided the voice of Kuzco in The Emperor's New Groove's Brazilian dub), while Rutt and Tuke are voiced by comedians Luís Fernando Guimarães and Marco Nanini.
  • Cut Song: "The Fishing Song" by Phil Collins, which would have appeared instead of "Welcome".
  • DVD Commentary: Not by the filmmakers but by Rutt and Tuke as Animated Actors, which earns some funny moments during the movie like one of them asking for a pizza. Not only that, but the two moose also share some nonsensical conversations like at one point when Kenai turns back into a human and they start talking about moose turning into lions in The Lion King.
    • This exchange during Kenai's transformation scene:
      Tuke: What's happening?
      Rutt: Well, all the little girls decided to form a baseball team, and Walter Matthau is gonna be the coach.
      Tuke: What? You're lying; that's a whole other movie!
    • They end up lampshading quite a bit of tropes, especially Could Have Avoided This Plot.
    • At the very beginning with the caribou: "Why the heck do they have white butts?"
  • I Knew It!: Once Koda explains that he's been separated from his mother, many people saw the revelation of his mother being the bear Kenai killed coming.
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  • Throw It In!: Kenai's error on the name of Koda's friend and what type of pine product they found was a mistake on Joaquin Phoenix's part in the recording sessions. Koda's line afterwards was thrown in to help add to the banter and brotherly relationship.
  • What Could Have Been: The character Koda was originally written as an older, Baloo-esque Grizzly Bear named Griz (Yes, that's pretty Hilarious in Hindsight), who would have served as a big brother figure to Kenai. Michael Clarke Duncan was cast, and even recorded some lines before the writers, having realised that Kenai was already the youngest brother with his real family, felt that Kenai himself had to learn to be an older brother. They were still so impressed with Duncan's performance that they wrote the character of Tug for him to play.