Heartwarming: Brother Bear

  • Near the end of the movie when Denahi, who has believed that Kenai was killed by the bear that he has been chasing but actually is said bear, confronts Kenai, but Koda, who had recently learned to accept that Kenai has made a mistake after hearing Rutt and Tuke talk about caring for each other despite their flaws, the little bear cub saves Kenai from Denahi.
    • After all that, Kenai is turned back into a human but decides to be a bear again to take care of Koda since he (Koda) doesn't have a mother anymore). When he becomes a bear again, he and Koda begin playing together on the mountain, Denahi (who finally learns the truth of the "bear" he had been hunting) eventually joining in.
    Denahi: No matter what you choose, you'll always be my little brother.
  • Kenai and Nita's wedding at the end of the sequel.
  • Kenai and Koda have arrived at the Salmon Run, where there are LOTS of bears. Now up until this point, Kenai had seen these animals as monsters (considering that he thought a bear—Koda's mom—killed Sitka), but at the Salmon Run, he sees that they're like people: having fun and uniting as a family. This is what fully makes him see that bears aren't bad at all, and he soon accepts them as family.
  • "Because I love...dew."