Throw The Dog A Bone: Comic Books

  • At the end of Astérix and The Cauldron, the eponymous (money-filled) cauldron falls off a cliff onto the pirates' ship. The panel even has a caption reading "And for once, the pirates are happy!" (though Asterix and Obelix DID kick their asses as usual earlier in the book, albeit unjustly).
    • Is there any trope about such karmic reparations? An overlooked detail is the fact that they decided to go back to sea due to that very beating...
    • There are also a few occasions in which Cacofonix saves the day with his dreadful music, and the villagers reward him by letting him participate in the victory feast (as opposed to tying him up to prevent him from singing as per the usual Running Gag) - most notably Asterix and the Normans, where he actually gets to perform for the village with the One-Shot Character whose life he saved (although he still isn't allowed to sing). Also, when he's been having a run of especially bad luck to the point where the other characters picking on him further would make them unlikeable, they tend to let him sing as an Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment - his usual nemesis Fulliautomatix asks him to sing for him to cheer him up in The Secret Weapon after the village women run him out of town, and in The Falling Sky, where he has had the worst luck he's ever had and ended up losing all of his possessions due to Ethnic Scrappy aliens immolating his house and then erasing everyone's memory of it, he's even allowed to sing at the banquet, even though everyone else is obviously in intense pain.
  • Donald Duck did get the upper hand on Gladstone Gander about 10% of the time in classic Disney Duckverse comics.
    • Don Rosa loved doing this to Donald. The Duck Who Never Was did it as a sixtieth birthday present to the character via It's a Wonderful Plot, while The Magnificent Seven (Minus Four) Caballeros sees Donald's foreign friends from The Three Caballeros make a return and take him on an adventure to cure his depression.
  • There was a brief scene in Gotham Knights where for once, Batman accepted the Spoiler, even telling her that he doesn't mind the company.
  • In Volume 5 of Empowered Emp (kidnapped along with a bunch of the Superhomies' celebrity doubles) wriggles out of her restraints, dons her super suit (which she'd wrapped around her waist) and tells off the double who insulted her earlier. Then for once, just once, she actually smiles in anticipation because the mooks have no idea what's coming.
  • The tract Stinky from Chick Tracts has a mild example: The title demon after failing his task, is seen happily slacking and relaxing at the end while his master is being punished by his boss, Satan. What makes this special is that all previous tracts ended with all the bad guys, without exception, being thrown to Hell or punished for their failure.
  • A Blondie comic showed everything going right for Dagwood, like the inversion of a Humiliation Conga: Mr. Dithers praised him and gave him a raise for some particularly skilled work, Blondie prepared his favorite meal and then smilingly waved him off to poker night, where he can't seem to get a bad hand.... The final panel shows Blondie, sitting up in bed, smiling out at the reader (and looking hot in her nightie) and saying something to the effect that "after X years in this comic strip, he deserves a day like this!"
  • In Garfield, Jon is finally now dating Liz the veterinarian, after crushing on her without success for, what? Thirty years?
  • Because of Spider-Man's status as one the first Chew Toys of the Marvel Universe, occasionally writers will throw him a bone here and there. Such as Stan Lee giving him a motorcycle, introducing him to Mary Jane, and generally making his life better after Stan's fellow plotter Steve Ditko quit Marvel.
    • One of the biggest changes is in Ultimate Spider-Man where in J.Jonah Jameson stops hating Spidey and becomes pro Spider-Man! Plus he knows that he's Peter Parker and vows to never reveal his identity to anyone!
  • In Peanuts, Charlie Brown had some success in the '90s after decades of constant failure; he managed to hit a home run and win the game for his team not once but twice; he defeated a bully named Joe Agate in marbles; and he might even kicked the ball for once.
    • In You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown winds up winning a motocross race despite every force in the universe seemingly indicating that he wouldn't. Goes into Shaggy Dog Story territory when the intended prize—Pro Bowl tickets—is replaced by five free haircuts. His hair is not very plentiful and his father is a barber.
  • After watching over and over again as Kid-Loki tries to remember his brother—and after that have the memories but no one else does, and watch everyone call Tanarus his brother to his face while Loki's clearly getting angrier and more distraught, Loki manages to recover Mjolnir and gain his first ally in the search for his brother. Who is this ally? The Silver Surfer.
  • A very unintended side effect from the Screwed by the Lawyers-mandated Cosmic Retcon of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog as Sonic comes back from his adventure with Mega Man to find out Mobius has changed for the better - all the damage done by years of war against Robotnik and Eggman have been undone, the injuries and sadnesses and heartache that came from these adventures never occured. It hits home initially when he finds out that King Max Acorn isn't a massive jerk like he was in the old universe and the bones just keep being tossed at him.