Tear Jerker / The Thick of It

  • Seeing Malcolm comfort Sam in Season Three.
  • Malcolm's gradual deterioration throughout the season.
  • Ollie's Face–Heel Turn in Season Four, from helping Malcolm sabotage Nicola, to utterly betraying Glenn, made worse by the moments when he seems to be uncomfortable before he just keeps going.
    • Made even worse by the fact that he appears to be crying in 4.04 after ruining Nicola's career.
  • Malcolm's career falling apart in seasons three and four.
  • Glenn's breakdown in Spinners and Losers.
  • The look on Terri's face when Glenn calls her useless. She was probably the only person in the office that liked him and looks very hurt by it.
  • Watching Nicola's many failures, and the cruel treatment she receives from Malcolm throughout the series, even if it's justified for the most part.
    • Especially the heartbroken way she says "You're not gonna try and talk me down off the ledge, are you? Because I'm so tired, and the pavement just looks like a warm, splatty bed right now" to Ollie after Ben resigns.
  • In season four, Glenn's efforts to try and get back into the party, and the way Malcolm turns a begging Glenn down and Ollie just watches.
  • At the Inquiry, the way Glenn apologizes for bringing Ollie into politics.
  • The series' Downer Ending, with Nicola destroyed, Malcolm being forced to resign and facing a possible prison sentence, Ollie having pretty much sold his soul, Stewart being sacked and Glenn quitting as a last effort to redeem himself.
    • Malcolm's exit.
      "No, I want to say something, I want to say something." (a long pause) "Doesn't matter." (and then we're treated to a long close-up of his face with an "I'm fucked" look)
    • Also, the final scene is rather wistful, in its way. Everything just carries on.
      • And then there's Glenn's exit. While simultaneously awesome, it's still most likely in vain because he's probably going to end up following Malcolm to jail.
      • The final line in the show sums it up perfectly: "What a shitty day."