Tear Jerker / The Sky Tides

Isa: Radiant Garden was there. My mom — Who cares about the big cities getting shaken up? A whole town was in that lake. Just because it was small doesn't mean it doesn't matter. ...Lea? I'm coming over.

You cried over this stuff, admit it. We all did.
  • Doma. That's all there is to be said on the matter.
  • Hughes' death, until it was retconned out.
  • Ichigo leaving the Way without telling anyone, because he didn't want to face them, he knew they'd try to make him stay, and he feared his Superpowered Evil Side would attack them again.
  • Antrim, trauma factory that it was, produced a good number of these on the side.
  • Page quote: The Hegua Lake explosion was a Wham Episode on its own, until the next morning, when Fridge Horror set in... what about all the characters' families who lived there, or the dropped characters from the area? Isa and Lea losing their families and homes on Amicus is the most prominent example.
    • The Convoy's reaction log, as well as the bittersweet Amicus "party" log right after, just added to it — these people had tried their best to do something they knew was impossible, but they'd done impossible things before! ...just not this time.