Quotes / The Sky Tides

-Practically an Arc Word, especially said like that.

"The Unification Day Festival was truly a spectacle to behold. Celebrations of pride and patriotism filled hearts and mind of Ivona's citizens, parties abounded and rousing speeches filled city halls and drinking halls across the nation. One of the glittering jewels of the celebration, however, was a military parade through the streets of Bellcius, with pomp and circumstance that ended in a few words from some of the nation's most esteemed officials and officers. Truly, it was an honor to be involved in such an event.

And if Edgeworth was perfectly honest with himself, he'd rather be somewhere else."

"I don't think I'll become a ghost. I don't have any unfinished business."

"I appreciate your appraisal of me as not being like that! After all, I am a good woman who would never go around kissing strange men! With storks!"
-Giselle, who had a bit of a Freak-Out once she learned where babies came from.

"Haruhi can't keep a secret, and if she was pregnant, she'd be trying to find a way for Hana to carry the kid."

"Firstly, the manner of your speech is absolutely atrocious! 'Yo' is in no way a proper greeting! Any letter should begin with a proper greeting, selected as appropriate for the situation. And as for your... colorful language, I hope your mother cannot see that. She would faint of shock, I expect! If you were one of my children or grandchildren I would wash your mouth out with soap!"
-Dear Lorena, on Reno's speech patterns. Yes.

"As a side note, this post's contents are inappropriate for minors."

"I thought I made it perfectly clear I do not want you to leave. Nothing says 'I want you to leave' like shutting the doors behind you and chasing you down the stairs."

"Four simple rules.
I left you with four simple rules.
One of which was not to get flowers all over the deck.
So why were there flowers all over my deck!?"
-Alex, after Kropmork gets Milky Rose'd.

-von Karma should never be hit with a berserk spell. Ever.

"I just decapitated Giselle and everyone's screaming! What's going on!?"

Souji: It's more like... some folks like chocolate, and some like peanut butter. And some like both. But if you only like peanut butter you don't wanna have to hunt through a bunch of chocolate to find it. So you go to a peanut butter store.
Luffy: Ooooh, I think I get it!
Souji: So your going to the bar was like dripping chocolate all over their peanut butter when they're allergic to it.
Luffy: And that's a bad thing, right? I guess I should have known better...
Souji: If they don't want chocolate, yeah. But don't feel bad. You learn by making mistakes. (beat) Though, that's why I like peanut butter cups. Makes things easier.

"I've got my own agenda, and you don't fit that agenda. Joseph Falls and the Badlands, however, fit that agenda juuuuust right."

- Sucking
- Losing in chases
- Having sex with their sisters
- Flying
- Gunning
- Self-control
- Not hiring stupid Fucking Dreads
- Having sex with anybody not their sisters"
-Hiruma doing what he does best: trash-talking his opponents and trolling the network.

"Tell me, Ichimaru, is that the same insider source that claimed Ivona's new president is actually a clockwork doll? Or is it the one that claimed the fallen islands were stolen by bogeymen from below the clouds? You know damn well what sort of paper the Badlands Frontier is, and if all you have are empty taunts and trashy yellow papers, then I fear for your 'star pilot'."
-Edgeworth, apparently going for an award for gratuitous foreshadowing.

"Look, there's more to this business than fighting bad guys. You don't do this sort of thing in order to find fights. You do it to protect people."

"...Should I start asking Mamma for her cure for death?"

"Would someone explain to me just why there was a two-legged rat skeleton wearing a black hood in my room just now."
-Rou, whose life is pain.

"Hello? I'm still here, you know! I could be escaping right now and you would never find those damn kids! Aren't you supposed to be brutally interrogating me right now instead of arguing about what he had under his shirt!?"
-Aiolos, not really caring about the discovery of Ichigo's mask.

Hollow Ichigo: Of course you do!

"Morris's death was an accident...or was it? I find it hard to believe that the ghost of a man who'd simply tripped and fallen to his death, no matter how messy it may have been, would be quite this furious. It makes you wonder exactly what he's trying to get revenge for. Perhaps it's time for all of us to reconsider the circumstances of that little 'accident' and contemplate the possibility that not only do we have one very unpleasant ghost haunting our corridors, but also a murderer in our midst."
-Gin, who knows very well that this is the truth — he did it.

Yuri: Maybe next time I'll just keep this to myself, huh?
Yuri: Oh, sweet. You promise?
von Karma: YES.
Yuri: Awesome.

"Why is there someone here who actually needs The Talk? What is wrong with humans?"
-Bradley's inner monologue during an SD game.

"So, kids! I know Amicus is long over and everything, but guess what? LOVE NEVER DIES! It prevails, it continues on forevermore, it remains even though the season of love has long passed! Love comes in all shapes and forms, blooming at just about anywhere, even on the battlefield! Know this, kidsólet your heart take you where it wants to go! The heart is what reveals the ones you love and cherish! THE HEART TELLS EVERYTHING! Love will always reveal itself one way or another, just like what happened with me and darling Masaki~ But that aside! Now, I know how you youngsters nowadays are all very keen and eager to explore your relationship in the most intimate ways possible~ and as a doctor, I feel obligated to give you all the very best of advice an experienced and well-meaning man like me has to offer!

So first! I should stress once again how important it is to ensure that you have safe sex!"
-Isshin giving The Talk to everyone. Everyone.

Despite that notice at the door that clearly read "CHECK ALL WEAPONS BEFORE ENTRY", weapons were brandished all around the gambling parlor: pistols and revolvers, swords, knives, three staves, a hammer, a chakram, a slingshot, and a violin. The bartender grabbed the heaviest bottle of wine and leapt straight over the counter. And one of the few people who actually came unarmed grabbed that same chair that Jean had just kicked over.

""In the end, I think... I think it's about our choices. You can't control what happens. But you can decide how it changes you."
-Watanuki reconciling his home canon's philosophy of You Can't Fight Fate with most of the rest of the game's philosophy of Screw Destiny.

"Bombs are messy. They destroy. Everything. Everyone. They'll die. If they don't leave in time, everyone's going to die. Die, die, die. There'll be rubble. People under rubble. Rubble over people. Like that girl in the pretty dress. She was having so much fun. Blonde hair from underneath the rubble.
But I didn't see any blood."
-Nena, now firmly established as The Atoner.

Low Key: Since the gods were made up by people, of course they'd have humanity's more interesting qualities. No one wants to hear a story about gods who were perfect and kind and got along swell. That's boring. So instead we get all kinds of stuff about gods getting drunk and beating each other up and cheating on their wives and getting into loads of trouble.
Kaoru: Nice stories are boring and nice people are boring. Do you think the world is interesting?
Low Key: You bet I do.

"'Couldn't find it within yourself'? Listen, Dad. If there's one thing I've learned since I left home, it's that sometimes, you've got to let people in. It isn't easy, and a lot of times, you let them in deeper than you think you want, but in the end? It's what you need, because those people are the ones who'll be there for you when it counts. I'm not telling you to spill everything to the next guy you meet. That's not what I mean. What I'm saying is... if you've got someone you can trust... then it's okay to tell them things, because if you don't, they won't be able to support you when you need them. Handling it by yourself is all well and good. It's important that you can do that. But just because you can doesn't mean you have to."

-Bu-ling, sharing the news of her shiny new ears, tail, and earth magic.

"Of the few things humans are good for, the invention of wastebaskets is one of them."

"You're really quite fixated, aren't you? Here I am, trying to do you a favour and moving the conversation away from how you're not gay, and you keep returning to the topic of how you're not gay. I don't know why I bother."
-Joshua tormenting Yosuke.

"What makes you think coming back late and injured would make me worry less? It's as stupid as losing your cabin! Stupider! It's the stupid icing on an orange-haired layer cake made of idiot!"

"Time to take down one giant snake for all of Reial!"
-Pip, finally settling his grudge by Saving the World.