Heartwarming / The Sky Tides

Hijikata: The only reason why I could live despite the fact that I should have been killed was to prevent the family name from being tarnished. I was separated from the family the moment I was old enough... I only met my real parents once — that was the day I was exiled.
Hijikata: They believed I was a mistake, and they still do.
Edgeworth: Then your family is the largest group of fools in Ivona.

Sometimes, TST just makes you want to hug somebody. If you don't think so, remember some of these examples. (Add your own, too.)

  • L convincing Vash to return to the Way after the latter tries to run away for their own safety. If you never thought Race for Your Love could be successfully pulled off with the most off-the-wall pairing you can imagine and the racing party being a) hilariously unathletic, b) lacking in any sort of social skills, and c) horribly injured, well, you are wrong.
  • Chii mumbling in her sleep that she loves Rou — who blanks, horrified, when anyone so much as mentions love of any sort in relation to him. This moves him to slowly begin to come to terms with his own isolation and just how much of it is self-imposed.
    • Anything involving Chii and Rou.
      • Anything involving Chii.
  • Ichigo talking to Watanuki after his averted self-sacrifice, learning that he puts no value on his life and wants to die, and telling him that, no, that is not cool.
  • After Nena's past is exposed, she hides away, only to be confronted by Momo — who tells her that people are still willing to befriend her and that she can still do something good with her life. Nena's character development goes Off the Rails from its canon path at this point, and she makes the complete Heel–Face Turn that she never really did in the anime.
    • Subsequently, her Bathtub Bonding with Sara, who reveals her own past to her. Neither is sure why they're opening up to one another, but they both change for the better by being around one another from then on.
  • This. Log. The game's OTP gets together after being in denial, both of them show how much stronger and more well-adjusted they've gotten over the years thanks to each other's company, and after both have been Death Seekers out of misplaced guilt for so long, the ensuing conversation is especially moving.