Awesome / The Sky Tides

Ichigo: Sure. There are some things I can't control, and there are some people I can't save. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give everything I've got to protect the ones I can. Not because it'll change anything about what happened fourteen years ago. I can't change that... but I can change the future.

TST is full of awesome. Examples below.

  • Reno saving Beat from his own stupidity during the lightning-capture plot, citing that he didn't want to have to deal with Beat's girlfriend's reaction if he died.
  • The Grita arc was specifically designed to provide Next Tier Power Ups to a large group of characters, so it's populated with these. The climactic log is here. A few highlights...
    • Sora and Riku fight a servant of Grita's who tried to rebel and was punished for it. When Sora finally summoned his Keyblade for the first time, the entire game chat was stalking the thread.
    • Yamada Hanatarou nearly dies but is protected by his sword and is half thankful, half disappointed by its healing ability. It proves useful, to say the least, and the first half wins out.
    • Zeetha avenges her close coworker Hughes. A little dampened because his death was retconned soon after, but still awesome.
    • Milky Rose resists the temptation of all the mana she needs to stay human forever, then royally owns her opponent by simultaneously deflecting his spell and tearing up the opponent... and the hallway.
    • Ichigo outclasses his enemy despite only having had a month to do what Aiolos accomplished in years, and Utena follows up by destroying the mana crystal tattoo.
  • Leo helping break Yuri out of jail as Mystere.