Tear Jerker / Hamtaro

If you thought a series about hamsters wouldn't have sad moments... you'd be shocked.

  • The episode where Boss found a lost, injured kitten and raised it, but had to give it back to its owner when she was found...
  • The ending credits song can cause tears, due to nostalgia.
  • The episode where Penelope crushes on Kylie's little cousin, and is heartbroken when she sees him with Mimi.
  • Another Penelope example would be the episode where Pashimina tells Penelope that she's going away for a while. But Penelope begs her not to leave and starts crying. Pashmina tried to calm her down and tells her that everything will be alright with her. She starts crying once Pashmina leaves the clubhouse.
  • The episode where the Ham-Hams try to build a mini entertainment park to cheer up Mimi, but a storm destroys it. Made worse because of the reason why they're doing it: Mimi is very depressed and scared because her baby sister takes up her parent's time and she fears she's about to become The Unfavorite.
  • The episode where Bijou thinks she's moving away.
  • Speaking of Bijou, there was an episode where Bijou woke up from her nap and later wakes up noticing that her other ribbon is missing and starts crying hysterically. Meanwhile Hamtaro and the other Ham-Hams are having a party and Bijou suddenly see's her other ribbon and quickly removes the ribbon from Hamtaro and starts getting very upset with him. She get's so upset, that she runs back into the room where she was napping and starts crying. She stays in that same room through the majority of the episode. Hamtaro starting feeling very guilty and the Ham-Hams are about to go on a trip. Boss asks Bijou if she wants to go, she replies by saying "I don't want to go" and continues crying. Near the end of the episode, Bijou calms down and suddenly hears Snoozer's talking about Hamtaro which makes her want to go look for him and the other Ham-Hams. Meanwhile, Hamtaro suddenly sprains his foot, and can hardly walk. In the nick of time, Bijou finds him and starts wrapping his foot and tells him to be more careful. But Pashmina and the other Ham-Hams tell her that Hamtaro didn't actually injure his foot but actually sprains it. Hamtaro then tells her that he was going to get some sunflower seeds for her. Once Bijou hear's what Hamtaro said to her, she suddenly remembers what Snoozer said to her earlier and begins crying again. The episode ends with them walking together after forgiving each other.
  • In one of the OVAs, Hamtaro goes on a quest to meet his mother. After a long, tough journey, he thinks he has reached his destination... and it's not her. It's a random hamster who happens to look similar to Hamtaro's dead mother.
  • The video game Rainbow Rescue has the music for Rainbow Land.
  • In the second movie the Princess completely forgets about marrying Hamtaro when her fiancé is revealed to still be alive. Hamtaro is heartbroken about this.