Funny / Hamtaro

The Anime

  • During the Beach Episode, Hamtaro doesn't think the ocean looks all that bad until a wave comes crashing his way. His reaction is priceless.
  • TOM's reaction to the show airing on Toonami.
  • Boss' spin on "A Hunting We Will Go" from "Valentine's Day!":
    A hunting we will go
    For presents high and low
    For seeds and leaves and nuts from trees
    And in my mouth they go!

The Games

  • How do you say "friend" in ham-chat? If you haven't learned the word yet, you may have to tell the crow to "Go-P".
    • Heck, "Go-P" at any of the other Ham-Hams. Their reactions are priceless.
  • The Legendary Spoon in Ham-Ham Heartbreak.
    • To elaborate: You collect three marbles throughout the game, one red, one green, and one blue. Then you place them in a pedestal that looks like it has a sword in it. Then you tug on the sword. The 'Opening a Treasure Chest music' from The Legend of Zelda plays. And... IT'S A SPOON!
    • You then use said spoon to catapult yourselves into Spat's castle. The guard is shocked and greatly confused by this.
  • In Ham Hams Unite, there's a hamster playing in a grocery store freezer and he won't stop mimicking you. You can use all the Ham Chats you want, but the only way to shock him into stopping is to Go-P.