Heartwarming / Hamtaro

  • The almost-ending to "The Search for Sandy's Brother". After finding her brother (who is hiding at this point) Sandy walks in on the other Ham-Hams and looks around, having no clue why everyone's been avoiding her and a bit upset about it, and Maxwell walks out the crowd and begins directing everyone as they sing a remix of the song her brother sang to her, and was key in finding him. At the end she even tears up and whispers "It's my song..."
  • The end of "Keeping Promises". When everything is finally cleared up, Hamtaro asks Boss to forgive him for breaking his promise for the two of them to help Bijou out. Boss then tells that he will, but only if he forgives him for getting upset and over exaggerating Bijou's fall ending with a Man Hug.
    • When Bijou realizes that Hamtaro injured himself trying to make it up to her for hurting her feelings, she uses one of her precious ribbons as a bandage and walks home with him, to Boss' and Stan's dismay.
  • In "The Scary Museum", Boss saves Bijou from a clocktower with a ball cannon. She's very grateful to him and says he reminds her of the brave warrior Perseus. Boss blushes profusely at this.
  • The episode where Dexter and Howdy try to impress Pashmina by giving her gifts for her. Hamtaro tells them that Sunflower seeds would be a perfect gift but they disagree with Hamtaro's idea. When they finally give the gifts to Pashmina, she says thanks to both of them. However, the real heartwarming moment is when Pashmina see's Penelope's gift which was a huge load of sunflower seeds. Pashmina is touched, and gives Penelope a kiss.
  • The "You've Got Friends" song that the ham-hams perform for Mimi.
  • Episode 106 has to be one of the most heartwarming episodes. Stucky falls in love with a female rabbit he sees sitting by a window and wants to play hide and seek with her. The Ham Hams go to her house to ask her to play with him, however, it turns out she's only a toy. So what do they do? Bijou dresses up as the female rabbit and plays a game of hide and seek with a very happy Stucky while Te wo Tsunagou plays in the background.