Awesome: Hamtaro

The Anime

  • Hamtaro outrunning a cat in the second episode.
  • In The Scary Museum, Boss saves Bijou from a clocktower with a ball cannon. She's very grateful to him and says he reminds her of the brave warrior Perseus. Boss blushes profusely at this.
  • Glitter being one of the few human characters to actually attack someone, stuffing Laura into a box so she can be the star. Naturally, she gets comeuppance for it.
  • The Ham-Hams braving angry chicks to deliver Laura's glass slipper for a play of Cinderella.
  • Laura calling out Roberto on his behavior.

The Games

  • Defeating Spat in Ham-Ham Heartbreak. He has a giant robot, and you defeat it with a well-timed slingshot.
  • Chasing Spat out of all the other worlds.