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Tabletop Game: Over the Edge

Over the Edge is a tabletop roleplaying game by Jonathan Tweet, made in collaboration (to a certain extent) with Robin Laws and Mark ReinĚHagen. (That's a large part of the team responsible for Vampire: The Masqerade and Ars Magica, if those names mean nothing to you). If Unknown Armies is the roleplaying game for the works of Tim Powers and Kult is the roleplaying game for the books of Clive Barker, then Over the Edge is the roleplaying game version of Naked Lunch.

The game is set on the mysterious Mediterranian island of Al Amarja, which is ruled by Monique D'Aubainne and various members of her extended family. The D'Aubainnes have most of the standard U.S. laws on the statute-books but basically only enforce them if you attempt to mess with the status quo, making Al Amarja effectively a Libertarian despotism. As a result, Al Amarja is home to every conspiracy imaginable (no, seriously, one splat-book has a table to determine whether any given housecat is an alien and part of the huge Conspiracy of Cats) as well as a haven to all sorts of freaks and malcontents.

The native Al Amarjians ("'Marjians" or "Martians" in local slang) are a mongrel and polyglot population, much given to self-expression largely (but not exclusively) in the form of drinking, drugs, public weirdness and violence. And they wear nooses instead of neckties.

This roleplaying game provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Over The Edge
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