Tabletop Game: Havok And Hijinks

You're a dragon... a young, underachieving dragon and your parents have just kicked you out of the nest for eyeing their treasure hoard. Now it is time for you to go out and find your own coins, jewels, and magic items. The problem with being young (and a bad student) is that you donít always succeed in your quest to find treasure. To make matters worse other young dragons have received the boot as well and you must compete with them for the best loot.

Released in 2014 by Epic Slant Press, Havok and Hijinks is a four-player card game that pits Amber the Sunlight Dragon, Obsidian the Dark Dragon, Pearl the Moonlight Dragon, and Ruby the Fire Dragon against one another. To win you must use the Havok cards to find treasure and the Hijinks cards to disrupt the treasure quests of your competition, ensuring that your hoard is a coin above the rest.

A new Expansion Pack is currently in the works. The website is located here.

This game contains examples of