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Shout Out: My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic
Given that My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic is meant to appeal to both Bronies and members of the Fighting Game Community, the game has several references to well-known Fighting Games.

  • One of the voice clips played when Applejack uses her lasso move is "Get over here!". With the exact same enunciation.
  • Rarity's Level 2 super is basically a gem-based, reversed version of Zero's Rekkoha.
  • Applejack's level one is sometimes called out by Applejack as Bionic Farm. What does that rhyme with? The follow-up to this attack is officially called, as of now, Buster Hoof.
  • One of Pinkie's sound effects sounds similar to part of a certain transformation jingle. She also has a super that seems to be modeled after Wesker's "Lost in Nightmares" super.
  • One of the voice clips used in Twilight's Level 3 super is "I can't control it!" No points for guessing where that came from.
  • Reaching 100 hits or more in one combo will result in the screen saying "Are You Desk?!", a reference to a YouTube user known for finding exploits in fighting games that often result in infinites.
  • One of Rainbow Dash's attacks looks extremely similar to Guile's Flash Kick.
    • Likewise, her dashes remind some players of Taokaka.
    • Not to mention, a nickname for her diagonal dash attack in the stream she debuted in?, HOOF DIVE!
  • Fluttershy has a super that's pretty obviously based off of Strider Hiryu's "Legion" super. It also has Harry the Bear doing a move that looks just like Juggernaut's Head Crush.
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