Shout Out / My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic

Given that My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic is meant to appeal to both Bronies and members of the Fighting Game Community, the game has several references to well-known Fighting Games.

  • One of the voice clips played when Applejack uses her lasso move is "Get over here!". With the exact same enunciation.
  • The original version of Rarity's Level 2 super is basically a gem-based, reversed version of Zero's Rekkoha. The later version is more like Doctor Doom's Hidden Missiles.
  • Applejack's level one is sometimes called out by Applejack as Bionic Farm. What does that rhyme with? The follow-up to this attack is officially called, as of now, Buster Hoof.
  • One of Pinkie's sound effects sounds similar to part of a certain transformation jingle. She also has a super that seems to be modeled after Wesker's "Lost in Nightmares" super.
  • One of the voice clips used in Twilight's Level 3 super is "I can't control it!" No points for guessing where that came from.
  • Reaching 100 hits or more in one combo will result in the screen saying "Are You Desk?!", a reference to a YouTube user known for finding exploits in fighting games that often result in infinites.
  • One of Rainbow Dash's attacks looks extremely similar to Guile's Flash Kick.
    • Likewise, her dashes remind some players of Taokaka.
    • Not to mention, a nickname for her diagonal dash attack in the stream she debuted in?, HOOF DIVE!
  • Fluttershy has a super that's pretty obviously based off of Strider Hiryu's "Legion" super. It also has Harry the Bear doing a move that looks just like Juggernaut's Head Crush.