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Trivia: My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic
  • Approval of God: Lauren Faust herself has stated (skip to 5:55) that she's hyped for the game.
    • Not as goddy as above, but Jayson Thiessen, the director of the show (and the guy behind the famous felt scene in A Friend in Deed), has stated in this interview (at the end specifically) that he's hyped for it as well.
    • A shame the higher ups think otherwise.
    • And then Lauren Faust officially joined the development team.
  • Divorced Installment: A necessary evil, due to the C&D — Lauren Faust's new character designs will have nothing to do with Friendship is Magic at all.
  • Executive Meddling: The development team was slapped with a cease and desist order by Hasbro's lawyers, which has halted production indefinitely (Or at least in its current incarnation).
  • Fan Nickname: Tennis shoe Twilight during the Pon-E3 stream for Twilight Sparkle's teal, pink and yellow palette.
    • Many of the other characters pallets have gotten their own nicknames as well. Applemac/ Melonjack (For AJ with a red coat and green mane, based off of her G3 incarnation but also similar to her brother or a watermelon), Celerarity (for an all-green Rarity), Twimom (for a Twilight palette resembling her mother), and Surprise (A Pinkie palette based off the G1 pony Surprise). Just about every pallet has their own nickname.
    • Some have started calling Pinkie's Level 3 Cupcake Install.
    • "Hoof Dive" for Rainbow Dash's down-forward dash, since it's a dive kick and Rainbow's playstyle is pretty similar to Doctor Doom's as well.
    • Legion for Fluttershy's presently-revealed super.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Rarity is voiced by Kimlinh Tran, who also voices Ms. Fortune.
    • Kira Buckland tried out for the voice of Twilight (and voices her in the Pony Dot Mov series) and is the voice of the Mayor, who serves as the announcer.
    • AEVA is the voice of Rainbow Dash, and she also happens to play the same role in Rainbowlicious.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This isn't the only time Pinkie weaponizes the Party Cannon.
    • The way she hugs Rainbow Dash, unintentionally crushing her, in Wonderbolts Academy is very similar to her Level 3 Super here as well.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Much to many fans dismay. And they were so close finishing it, too.
  • Trolling Creator: Jay Wright, one of the four main developers, has had a bit of history of trolling the fans anxiously waiting for the game on the main page and on other sites like Shoryuken. For instance, he said in response to an eager fan that the next bite-sized update will have "4 times as much Rainbow Dash" as the last one. Four times zero is still zero.
  • What Could Have Been: The original game (at least with Ponies), due to Hasbro's cease and desist.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: The developers' internal QA-testing program as cancelled after one of the testers leaked an early build of the game to the public. Production of Bite-Size Updates were also halted temporarily, mostly because the next few down the line would only reveal things anyone who had played the leaked build would already know about. Not quite as harsh as most examples, as the devs' general response to the problem was "we're disappointed, but we know not all of you are like that and we can't stop anyone from playing the leaked build if they want to".
    • The program had not exactly been cancelled (at that time) as by standard developer convention forces the devs to scrap the old testing program and create a new one, with none of the testers from the old program being translated to the new one. Granted, the leak will definitely delay the progress of the game as the devs' attention is turned towards building the new testing program.
    • The entire project was canned because someone decided to enter it into EVO. This unfortunately caught Hasbro's attention in a way that cannot be overlooked like with other projects and they had to respond with a Cease and Desist.
    • While it has had to abandon the Hasbro-owned franchise and characters, the game itself is still alive, now with an all-new cast of Lauren-Faust-designed characters. Meanwhile, for those only interested by the ponies, some bronies modded a leak of the original game with the intent of completing it.

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