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Serious Business: Web Original
  • This happens on the internet so often, they have a sarcastic meme just for it: "THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS"
  • In the YouTube series The Guild, playing an MMORPG is very serious business. More serious, apparently, than parenting or social interaction. It's based on Felicia Day's two-year addiction to World of Warcraft, so it's definitely Truth in Television.
  • Video games are Serious Business in the world of Video Game High School. How serious, you may ask? Losing a game in VGHS can get you expelled from the school.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • An agent/subject of the has gotten his hands on a [DATA: THE EXPUNGING] card that makes card games a serious business: Said card can destroy the other player... or its user, if he loses.
    • There's also SCP-514, a flock of doves that disables all weaponry in its area of effect and nullifies violent tendencies in everyone around it. This results in teams from rival organizations who are trying to take control of the SCP to use....alternate methods of conflict resolution. Like rock-paper-scissors, riddles, or card games. This has led to the Foundation's commanding officers commenting on how off-putting it is to see two grown men in full tactical gear taking a children's card game so seriously.
  • Owning Hiring a boat is Serious Business. Just ask Andy Samberg and his friends.
  • In Dominic Fear's Kenny Bassender (Full Title: Kenny Bassender's Quest For Greatness With the Underground Association of Puppydog Racers) movie, Kenny Bassender is a normal person who isn't special. Until he starts playing a game called Puppdog Races, where he is the flawless. So great, that the other members of the Association try to kill him. Not the whole society (it still is in normal present day America), but very serious.
  • On LiveJournal and its spinoffs, roleplay is very serious business, as evidenced by the "Roleplay Secrets" community, a daily post of (usually) nasty things anonymous roleplayers have to say about other roleplayers, allowed to rag on anything from their characterizations to the size of their avatars. Similar is the "RP Anon Meme", which started as a bi-monthly explosion of hateful anonymous discussion and eventually became a constantly-running community of (slightly less hateful, slightly more spammy) anonymous discussion. People have actually made death threats over pretendy funtime games on the internet.
  • A meme on the Japanese Internet (a translated version of which is well-travelled on anonymous text boards) involves a somewhat lengthy rant about visits to Yoshinoya being really serious business. Just read it. Variations are popular for ranting about extremely petty things. The meme itself was actually referenced on Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, that's how widespread it is.
  • VS Debating online can become this in a heartbeat. Just look at The Outskirts Battledome.
  • The Onion regularly runs news stories about events whose only implausible aspect is that they're considered news stories, e.g. "Whaler Sandwich 'Not Sitting Too Good' With Area Man".
  • This (subtitled) episode of the Québecquois series "Tom et ses chums" ("Tom and his pals") has the titular character playing a game of D&D with old friends. What he doesn't realize beforehand is that they've kept playing the same party every week during the years he hasn't seen them (meaning they have absurdly high-level characters), and for them (barring the GM), this is very serious business. When they demand that his new character start at level 1 (making him useless since the encounters are tailored for a high-level group), and then belittle him for being a peasant, he gives up and decides to be The Loonie.
  • This is part of the indicative behind Caustic Critic shows like The Angry Video Game Nerd, The Nostalgia Critic and The Spoony Experiment.
    • Bees are apparently serious enough business to completely shit all over relations with your friends and colleagues over.
  • The League Of Extraordinary Industrial Retards go on a quest to kill Trent Reznor and Ronan Harris and prove to the world that Industrial music is serious business.
  • Cake is serious business!
  • Do not mess with the trail mix that Rhett's mom made!
  • Ghost is convinced his show is this. Most of his audience (Read:Trolls) seems to think otherwise.
  • The premise behind many Hitler Rants parodies, where Hitler melts down over anything from getting his X Box Live account banned, getting a Wii instead of a PS3 for Christmas, and so on.
  • The Law Of The Playground illustrates the sheer, incredible, mind-boggling seriousness of the correct nonsense phrase to say when crossing your fingers to avoid playground mischief.
  • Pittsburgh Dad and the Pittsburgh Steelers. God help you if you're a Ravens fan!
  • In the Trailer for LP Every Mario Game, Steeler's biggest strength is stated to be that he takes Mario Party seriously. (It's also listed as his greatest weakness.)
  • Reviewers on That Guy with the Glasses treat most anything they review as Serious Business, Played for Laughs. Deconstructed in Atop the Fourth Wall when Holokara takes things a step further and plans threaten a Death from Above against Marvel over the handling of Spiderman, which is NOT played for laughs.
  • Ultra Fast Pony uses this a bunch.
    • Princess Celestia's all-consuming love of tea parties is a recurring plot point. She banishes Twilight to Ponyville for the crime of missing her tea party (never mind that Twilight was busy saving the world at the time). She's been to "ten... hundred... thousand... million!" tea parties in her life, and she remembers them all in excruciating detail. She refuses to cut a visit to Ponyville short to deal with a major fire in Manehattan—but she immediately cuts the visit short upon learning that Luna is hosting a tea party without her.
    • In "Ponynet Fight!" Twilight is dead serious about correcting others' bad science on the internet. Which just makes it so much fun to mess with her.
    • The organized crime families take their badminton very seriously. The entire Manehattan branch of the Apple family is devoted to fielding a team.
  • Noob takes the "MMORPG are serious business" route also, but is much more nuanced than The Guild due to them mostly showing up in reports about video game addiction in mainstream media in France. Skewed Priorities happens a lot and the top guilds ask for people joining them to have a lifestyle that can only happen if you're single and unemployed. At the same time, people that arrive in the top in the domain get enough recongnition to appear in advertisements and live off it. Characters are also seen doing other stuff than playing, while a small portion of the cast is explictly doing it for fun and being able to enjoy the company of their guildmates.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (Team Dattebayo) going out for fast food is Serious Business—Souichiro wants to go to McDonald's. When Light and Misa say they'd prefer Taco Bell Souichiro decides to shoot them both:
    Souichiro: Pray that there's a Taco Bell in Hell! [BANG]
  • Project: Library has been described as "a Michael Bay movie with books", full of fight scenes and action clichés, but set in a library and whose plot revolves around an overdue book.
  • In 'Lets Drown Out Night Shift' Ben Yahtzee Croshaw and Gabriel Mortom admitted that the things they said over the weeks have been awful but the ones that seems to get the most attention is that Yahtzee mentioned that 30 fps looks the same or better than 60 fps, causing an outrage in the comments section.

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