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Series: Breaker High

Breaker High was a Canadian Teen Drama/Sitcom that aired from 1997 to 1998 for 40 episodes on UPN (in the U.S.) and YTV (in Canada). The show was about a high school on a cruise ship, and each episode took place in a different location around the world (though the show was filmed entirely in Burnaby, B.C.)

The show focused on eight students at the school:

  • Alex Pineda - The athlete. Played by Kyle Alisharan.

  • Ashley Dupree - The Southern Belle Princess. Played by Terri Conn.

  • Cassidy Cartwright - The preppy tomboy hottie. Played by Wendi Kenya.

  • Jimmy Farrell - The big eater/class clown. Played by Tyler Labine.

  • Max Ballard - The brooding, moody son of the ship's captain. Played by Scott Vickaryous.

  • Denise Williams - The academic overachiever/Feminist. Played by Persia White.

  • Tamira Goldstein - The quirky misfit/Flower child.

  • Sean Hanlon - The ladies' man/Nerd. Played by Ryan Gosling. One of his earliest recurring roles on television.

Breaker High contains examples of the following tropes:

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