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TV Tropes: THE ADVENTURE! is a Play-by-Post Game created by Sonikfan 112 on Nintendo Nsider 2 Forums. Set in The Metaverse, the RP follows the story of TV Tropes itself as the evil overlord Report Siht begins to wreak havoc upon its residents. In an attempt to liberate TV Tropes from this menace, a Troper by the name of Kuuxo assembles a trio of characters from different works of fiction to help him take back his home: Sammy the Surfing Skeleton, a children's cartoon character designed to help children overcome their fears of monsters, Drakko von Leatherpants, a former anime villain, and Danny Dingo, an anthropomorphic dingo and australian police officer. The trio is later made into a quartet by the addition of Stage Magician Jonothan Carter, aka "Jon the Amazing". It is then made a quintet by the addition of a NPC named Keita-Kuhn, a Author Avatar of a RPer of the same name.

It can be found here.

TV Tropes: THE ADVENTURE provides examples of the following: