Roleplay / Project Halcyon

"Love is a road of pain and suffering but for those small moments of bliss the pain becomes worth it"

Project ; HALCYON is an advanced literate to elite level roleplay on the forums of Gaia Online.

The story of Project; Halcyon is centered around a number of students who attend Mikomi Academy, a demon hunting school. These specific students, for a number of reasons, have been selected to be a part of Project Halcyon, a special team run by Irie Yasha, one of the most powerful demon hunters in history. As members of project Halcyon the students are expected to go on missions to hunt demons as well as retrieve fragments: small, crystal-like concentrations of demonic energy, which are capable of bringing a defeated demon back to life if they are not "dead." While roughly half of the Halcyon team members are in fact working for Irie and her cause, half of them are working for the director of Mikomi Academy, a man who's intentions are sinister yet unclear, in exchange for whatever he has promised them in return. The roleplay is comprised of numerous twists centered around each character.

The main thread of the roleplay is located here.

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