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This is a recap of the forum roleplay WeAreOurAdventuringAvatars, started now to avoid archive binges in the future. Here there be spoilers.

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     Epic Avatars 

Page Count: 1 - 139

Description: This is how it started, but the results of the first round, and the unmanaged amount of factions and plots soon became its down fall, it spanned form stopping a frontier world from being destroyed to the beginning of the first visit to Terra.

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     First Terran Visit 

Page Count: 111 - 139 of Epic and 1 - 61 of Adventuring.

The group visits the world of 32nd century earth and its industrialized moon, and the great game starts to unfold, they stop a wanted terrorist on Mars and visit the Luna One deep space dry dock and acquire the TDN Terra's Blessing.


Page Count: 61 - 250

This is where "the shit gets real" what was supposed to be a happy fun planet comes with the revelation Dave is evil, the conclusion of the Great Game arc, various bad guys and the group left by "The agent of dusk" as social pariahs as revenge for destroying the keys.


Page Count: 250 - 294

Equestria served as a much needed breather episode.

    Mundus Tempestatum 

Page Count: 280 - 286

While only lasting 6 pages, Mundus Tempestatum was a very important location, it warped up most things involving the "Agent of the Dusk" and could very well be considered the finale of the Great Game arc, it brought about the introductions of Eliza and Rosa, and a new recurring enemy of the group.


Page Count: 296

Velestia is shaping up to play in important part in the story, the group had their first encounter with the forces of the sole remaining member of "Agent of Dusk" and Dave has obtained 5 of the weapons, and severely wounded Ystin, so much so that she had to be frozen in time.


This world is mostly comprised of water. Raiders constantly attack every day.

  • The group hijacks Raiders' submarine.
  • Raiders killed off by whirlpool.
  • Ghost received a warning to leave.... and ignored it.
  • There was a breif power-outage
  • The city's camreas have begun to track the group
  • There was an anouncment by the citties dead polititians on the news, claiming responsibility for the whirlpool.
  • There now dealing with the citys automated systems trying to kill them.
  • Deadpool and rock went to find out more.
  • They got kicked out of the news studio and met the polititian
  • The politian said she warned them to leave
  • they attacked
  • The polititan called death to slow them down, revaling herself as war.
  • After war escaped, death also did.... but lead the group on a wild goose chase with a RC car in the proccess.
  • Because they tried to attack a "Politician" in broad daylight, the group has once agian been labled as terrorists.
  • Trinity has been impounded
  • The car chase ends with a crash on both sides...
  • The Serejavo had to flee due to reasons blocked by static.
  • They regrouped to figure out what was going on
  • They called S.A.T.I. tori answered and agreed to make sure the gaurds watching the trinity were not as focused as they could be and conect them to S.A.T.I.'s leader EVA
  • EVA was contacted and discoved it was being hacked, it purged the hack and told the group where to find the pale riders
  • The group fond them in the submarine bay where they had claimed most of the citys suplies
  • War and Death engaged the group while Pestilience and Famine ran
  • Kris and Vicky followed war and famine onto the submarine
  • War and Death took an elevator to the surface
  • On the painfully slow ride to the surface, the group was once agian contacted by the voice... giving them a cryptic warning that the warning Asagi received should be taken seriously, and that in less then 2 weeks, things are going to go bad.... VERY bad
  • Once the elevator reched the surface death is K Oed with 6 1.20 sniper rounds*
  • and war is quickly subdued...
  • Death has its head imploded with its own hamer
  • War hijacks ghost to negotiate a deal.
  • deat still gets up and engages in a funny background event... a three way brawl over its hammer
  • Wars deal is accepted and her and death escape
  • Meanwhile kris and vicky get aboard the pale riders spaceship, and liberate some modified Plasma Repeaters that dont run out of battery due to fusion reactor
  • The pale riders ship lifts off into the sky
  • Eve identifys the ship as precoursor in origin while it accends to orbit.
  • In orbit it goes to attack the city, dicinigrating every thing... but is stoped when war upholds her end of the deal, and kicks kris and vicky off her ship.
  • Kris and vicky return via escape pod to hydrosia.
  • the pale riders leave.

     World Of Marvels 

Chapter 1

Part 1

  • The trinity reaches marvel universe and parks
  • Deadpool, weth, vanguard, twilight, Kris, red and rock decide to steal a shuttle.
  • The shuttle crashes on deadpool ally weasals home
  • Ryan Wyatt investigates the crash and is reunited with his old friends.
  • Weasal reveals Ryan is the leader of a C list group of heroes called the great lakes Avengers and his heroics is slowly bumping them up to B list status
  • Deadpool takes some of the group towards a villian bar
  • Vanguard and Rock hide the shuttle in central park.
  • Mina and all of spars characters head down on a seperate shuttle
  • Mina, ryan and deadpool beat up nanny and Orphanmaker
  • Dave and Rhyme arrive
  • Trinity recalls the shuttles and most of the group are now on the planet.
  • The group plan to go to the stark industries expo
  • Dave enlists weasal to hack into a s.h.i.e.l.d facility
  • The hydra soldiers attack, one of their number bob betrays them and helps the group
  • Dave and Weasal are captured by shield soldiers
  • Nick Fury and Maria hill discover Daves intention. To use the cosmic cube to bring Rhyme back to life.
  • Dave is forced to help shield in order to stave off a prison sentence
  • Weth and co decide to find some heroes after discovering Daves fate.
  • Weth and co meet Johnny storm of the fantastic four while Rhyme is taken to be with Dave.
  • The thing meets Miles while taking down yancy street gang members
  • Shiki wishes to be a hero and talks to ryan about it. Vicky partakes in a spot of thievery and Twilight is ambushed and leered at by passers by. Kris saves her by pretending it was a magic trick.
  • Dave works with beast in order to learn more about the cube
  • Shiki has become a hero called Dragonfly and fought batroc the leaper
  • Vanguard, Twilight and others were sent to Asgard by Thor.
  • Kris meets the sorcerer supreme of earth doctor strange.
  • Vanguard and twilight come across a group of horses like them and vanguard gets an odd feeling only mentioning one word YGGDRASIL
  • A strange spell worms its way into Kris's head. Strange says the spell chooses its master and if someone unworthy learned it. It would turn them into a vegetable in mind and body.
  • The cosmic cube activates bathing the room in a bright light...
  • Squirrel girl gives Ryan a pep talk
  • Rhyme has been brought back to life
  • the junipers plan to go to the expo
  • vanguard has found out his father is a great heroic pegaseus of Asgard

Part 2

  • Tony Stark has been shipping "the stark chip" an apparent new computer chip which will reboot machines after emp damage. * Only 60 percent of the east coast had their chips replaced.
  • A massive EMP, with Trinity as the epicenter has washed over the entire east cost united states, the group is without technoladgy.
  • Vanguard feels the apparent deaths of former weapon bearers and rushes away
  • Alisia is struck full force and is apparently dead. All over the city thousands are left without machines.
  • Cars pile up as Stark rushes the incapicitated Imca to his tower.
  • Alice and Dave reveal that they are responsible.
  • Alisia talks to her family for the last time.
  • Dave pissed at Alisia dying knocks out doctor strange and steals his artifacts.
  • the robots are attacked by the masters of evil
  • The group head to stark tower to regroup
  • Alisia still lives backed up in a cd.
  • Stark looks after Imca but is touched by her saying he is her favourte hero and flies off to fight alongside his pal war machine
  • Deadpool and weasal return bringing Aaron stack along with them. Weth immediatly makes a new friend
  • Doctor strange trains Rhyme, Dave and Kris. Only kris apparently has the right stuff to be a sorcerer
  • Dave and stark work on new tech for the group
  • Enchantress promises to make vanguard into a pony if they go after the golden apples of Idunn
  • A group of people is sent out out to infiltrate Alice and D.A.V.E's base. Snake kills them with a rocket launcher.

Part 3

  • Stark holds a bbq to celebrate the recent defeat of D.A.V.E and Alice
  • Kris meets ikonn and becomes the next lord of illusion
  • Weth deals with feelings for Deadpool.
  • Vanguard meets his parents and gets his cutie mark.
  • Alisia gets her new body, which looks like Kairi from the Kingdom Hearts series
  • Stark finds out the tech used to brainwash enchantress is his
  • Deadpool has left the group after they all recently discovered D: and Alice still lives
  • the rest of the group are dejected after this twist
  • Stark tries to gather a group to raid red skulls hideouts.
  • Hawkeye returns from a mission.
  • Inside the werehouse tony and his group (including, ben reiley) is attacked by octobots and the red skull is revealed to be a robot.
  • Several people are acting odd...Ryan has been feeling power issues. Tony is drinking more and something off is going on with vanguard.
  • The sentinals are defeated but the groups troubles have just begun stark and vanguard are revealed to have been replaced with robots but both are defeated. The mysterious partner reveals himself to be ultron as vanko turns on him and breaks out stark
  • A magical heroine called caledonia meets kris and alongside moon knight investigate a dark power within kris. they find out baron mordo and dormammu are using kris and caledonia is captured by them but tells kris to find harkness
  • Ryan is a robot...stack and hal have a way to scan people. Doc ock and his partner don't like this and have sicced sentinal robots on them. three attacked Hal, Rowan, charge (as ryan calls himself now) and kris. Three have attacked Dave, Reiley and Stack ripping the roof off Daves home in the process.
  • What the people that went to that Hydra hideout found was a girl, Rei Yoshida, who'd been cyberized to be a weapon to destroy SHIELD. Weasel successfully removed the programming.
  • Earlier, Moon Knight, Kris, and Caledonia had entered Dr. Strange's Sanctorum and found out he was an impostor. Now Caledonia's been kidnapped, and those two are taking a bit of downtime to collect their wits and socialize with Mana.
  • Kris had Agatha remove Dormammu from his head while he talked with Ebony, Agatha's cat familiar.
  • Ultron and Dr. Octupus were the people behind this plot. Ultron used the Cosmic Cube, which was obtained from one of his disguised spies. He was beaten, regardless. Janis swiped the Cube. The group discovered that Dr. Octupus's hideout was under the Avengers' mansion. They fought him and freed the captive heroes.

Chapter 2: Krissis

Part One

  • Ebony told Kris that he will have to fight her, since her Ninth life is running out. Kris took it pretty hard.
  • Rei was kidnapped by Maria Hill and was rescued by Mina and Spider-Woman.
  • Kris fights Ebony and wins. He also tries to find a way to prevent his illusions from hurting people and succeeds.
  • Kris got attacked by Baron Mordo, then got patched up and is aware Baron Mordo wants him dead or alive to use as a host for the Dread Dormammu.
  • Baron Mordo attacks once more, but the other sorcerers and the freed Dr. Strange come to Kris and help him out.

Chaoter 5

  • The brotherhood make an appearance and demand the group surrn ender to them unaware Annihilus and the annihilation wave are on their wat.
  • the brotherhood is severly crippled by the wave.
  • marvel heroes and members of the group prepare for a last stand while the civilians in the group hide.
  • Dave reveals to eve that taking out the queens will stunt the wave and she goes on a mission to stop them
  • Beta ray bill and Dark hawk coincidentally comes across a queen battleship
  • Axel dies in a blaze of glory.

     World Of Tales 

  • Imca and Luca have issues to work out, so Imca pairs up with Rhyme.
  • The Cipher Brotherhood has plans for Rapunzel. They send out Xigbar to kidnap her, but the group chase Xigbar off.
  • Axel returns from the dead as Lea.
  • Yvara, Leon and Problem Sleuth kill a dragon.
  • Dave is accused of working with the brotherhood, lusting over another woman for months and hiding the truth of Lea's resurrection by Osiris. All of Dave's close relations are obliged to come. Turns out this was a setup by the Cipher Brotherhood. Osiris is captured by the Cipher Brotherhood and freed by Imca.
  • Heather arrives in Perrault Town. She does some sightseeing with the group. Asagi does a tarot reading, which hints at facets of Heather's character. Heather and a group of her friends teleport into the Other World and end up fighting Heather's dark half. Grey gets mentally scarred in the process. After the trip, Heather decides to return to finish the job.
  • Eve plans an expidition to an Ice Planet. The first thing they have to do is set up a base camp. They succeed. After a while, Eve looks upset because someone plundered the ruins over on Cryos. To cheer her up, Problem Sleuth and the others explore the ruins to find the culprits. Turns out NOD was behind it. They also got one wish each. Six's old squadmates being revived was her wish.
  • Mana, Kazuya and Twilight end up climbing the beanstalk and meeting Hagrid the Giant. He was quite friendly and gave them some butterbeer. They also visited Heather and Grey. Kazuya recalled a memory about cousin Naoya.
  • Carter arrives in this dimension and stumbles around until he met the Shine-Beat family. They got along very quickly.
  • Kazuya, Mana, Rapunzel and Heather explore a forest and see its Pixies. They encounter a friendly grasshopper girl. The Pixies think Rapunzel is a princess. Kazuya exposits why the Pixies think that.
  • The Silent Hill group mistakes Dave for Vincent. Grey attacks Dave and breaks his nose and glasses.
  • Carter revealed himself as Catherine Grayson, and she eventually planned a small reunion with her Other, Carter Alexander Grayson, the Golden King of Arkenea.
  • Oberon had a date with Crimsa (They're both villains, so it doesn't matter), and Kris had a chat with Esther.
  • The Pokemon gijinka turn into full Pokemon because of a disease. Dave gets a blood sample from an infected Gijinka and creates a cure for the disease.
  • Kris, an infected Jo and Eon explore Wonderland. JO gets cured and Kris gives her his cloak as a form of clothing.
  • Red, Catherine, Hal, Alex and Garcie head off to Oz by train. Cipher Brotherhood has plans for them. The group arrives in a forest and start exploring it. They find an abandoned house. There was an indirect family reunion between the Simmons family and Alex. The house was owned by the Tin Man who invites the others to explore Oz with him. Rowan appears next to Hal and tells him that there's an emergency in Arkanea. However, Rowan was Crimsa in disguise and kidnaps Hal after a long struggle. Alex, Garcie and Toto also get captured during the struggle. Toto turned out to be the real Oberon. The Brain experimented on Alex and crushed his spirit temporarily. The Brain also tried an uprising, but failed. The Cipher Brotherhood hires Luminos to replace Brain. They also strike a deal with NOD.
  • Catherine had a chat with Imca about revenge against Oberon.
  • Catherine, Unit 17 and Noir II stage a breakout of the captives and succeed. Unit 17 acts as a distraction while Noir and Catherine free the prisoners. They succeed. Also, Oberon injects Alyx's personality back into his body.
  • Alyx had a chat with Dave about Oberon. Oberon and the other operatives have to leave Neo-Greece because it is being glassed. They also go rogue.
  • The group infiltrates the Cipher Brotherhood ship with NOD operatives and destroy the knowledge of raising the dead.
  • The group leaves and heads for the World of Time.

     World of Time/Arkanea 

  • Some of the group get turned into Pokemon gijinka/Pokemon.
  • The group encounters a group of Vault Hunters.
  • Kazuya ate his headphones out of disbelief and got a stomachache.
  • Some of the group participate in a rescue mission, resulting in Catherine questioning her motives. They also had to retrieve apples from Apple Woods. A group of monkey Pokemon were hoarding the apples, though. The group fought against them, but the Daimaritan leader was upset and forbade the monkey Pokemon from leaving. The group then fought against the Daimaritan and freed the monkey Pokemon.
  • Mina leads a group attempt in freeing Bluefire. Zombies and NOD are involved. Bluefire joins the Brotherhood of NOD because she owes them a favor.
  • The group holds a bargaining meeting with the Terran Alliance. They end up annoyed because the World of Tales has no accessible source of gold.
  • Hal offered the renegades a place to operate in. In return, he wishes Oberon to take part in his mining expedition.
  • Dave has created something that lets Imca change between three Eeveelutions. However, Imca can only have one set of powers. She chose Umbreon.
  • Zel and Horace, Hal's brother, fight in a life-or-death duel. The battle ends with a draw, but Zel has tremendous wounds.
  • Aion reveals that Oberon was an experiment (Subject 22) made using the real Oberon's body. Also, Aion has formed an alliance with Mordru. Mordru gets an army of soldiers and Aion gets the mines filled with rare metals. They torture him by having a minion pin him to the ground with crystals. Afterwards Crimsa pulled Oberon out via teleportation and comforted him. She told Oberon the reality behind his situation.
  • Some of the group explored the Shaymin village and Mt. Horn. At Mt. Horn, they delivered some Gummi to a Natu and fought a Houndoom criminal. At Steam Cave, they had to escort a Numel to safety, but the Numel tricked them. Catherine also discovers a quartz crystals by the beach. Turns out they were a shipment lost by a group of couriers. They also ecplored Steam Cave to apprehend a group who is charging money for passage through the cave.
  • Fido and Giro explore a cave and encounter a pair of Umbreon delinquents. Giro needed to be repaired.
  • Kyca and Mizore celebrate their birthday.
  • Oberon and Crimsa go on a date. Oberon also works on a pair of virii that "will completely cripple Mordru's machinery" and the "Black Armada's software". Oberon also exposits on who Mordru's underlings are.
  • Kris and Jo have their wedding.
  • The Arkanean group prepare for their upcoming war against the Mordru/Aion alliance. Hal and Rowan recall a story about the time they met the Norse Gods. Rowan also encourages Alyx after Alyx got a bout of self-doubt.
  • Amaya has returned back from the dead. Longram was surprised.
  • The war moves ever closer as Hals army increases with weapons from Eve and the unlikely help from Imca's four horsemen.
  • Oberon is trying to get Alexander to back him up as he goes after the brain who has beoen spotted in Arkenea,
  • Rhyme and Catherine have a ridiculous argument.
  • Arkenea is finally under attack. The bad guys have sneaked in, catching everyone unawares. Oberon has been attacked, Hal, Alyx and rowan have been attacked. Zel and Marona has been attacked. The magical girls are also attacked...
  • Hal was kidnapped, and the castle up and moved itself.
  • After giving up on the mission, Alyx spent some quality time with Hayley.
  • Ebony, Kris, Jo, Sunny, and Team Elemental prepared themselves to go to the Continent.
  • The group in Arkanea head off to plant the bombs in Mordru's castle.
  • Alyx fought the Brain. The Brain turned into Dragon with Alyx's powers, but Alyx managed to beat him anyways. He chopped up the Brain and burned the parts, just to be on the safe side.
  • Mordru is fought by Death, who curbstomps Mordru with its hammer.
  • Rowan fights against Guren. Rowan's skill easily overtakes Guren because Rowan's been pissed for quite a while and now she's got a target to work some of that anger off.
  • Maria fights against Aion. However, Maria was prepared and beat Aion. Aion is revealed to be a cute blob-like creature. However, Aion is rescued by Guren, who laughs at Aion's true appearance.
  • The group on the World of Time does some negotiations with a Lugia, who lets them pass. The ship sends a shuttle off to the Western Continent because an engine blew up.
  • The Western Continent has Shift City. The group does some shopping. Trinity transfers the rest of the group over.
  • Grey and Fido talk about their dreams. They had one thing in common: Arceus.
  • Arkanea got a magical-girl illness epidemic. Rowan and Hal have begun their plans to stop it.
  • Fido and the others explored a Future Imperfect museum. They ended up chatting about the morality of eating other sentient beings. Fido also discovered a treasure chest and met a Riolu gijinka. Rhyme managed to offend the others. Imca cheers up Rhyme after the others had left her. There was a book of secrets and a Reniculus inside it.
  • Providence tries to incite Hatred within the populace of Arkanea for the Magical Girls. When things start to fail, humans start to turn else where. she knows the logic is crazy, she is just trying to get ANY THING she can started. Providence is trying to stir stuff up, with people who would not have the 100% certainty the players do about option a, and even then it is not her goal. Her goal is trying to stir up any feelings of doubt she can, over there abilities, or even better them if she can... so that... well when what is planed to happen later happens the result is much more efficient...She is not trying to cause any thing directly, but become a primer if that makes any sense.
  • Aion and the book Marisa owns are scheming something big.
  • Marisa found herself in Arkanea, and just explained to Umika her (and Alice's) views on resource management. This is from a magical perspective.
    • Marisa's views: Stockpiling your resources for only a few people lets you use as much magic as you want (more or less) without worrying about running out. Burning through all your magic can possibly solve problems quickly.
    • Alice's views: Spread the resources thin, so that you can have more people. You are able to overwhelm the issues, though each person is a lot weaker on their own.
  • Rowan was given a message to rush over to Atlantica, and she complied. Rowan found it was from a rather famous medium there. So, naturally, Rowan opened her ears as wide as she could for what the medium had to say. The medium claimed that in less than a week that Hal would be forced to make a "difficult choice"...between either Rowan and his sister...or his kingdom.
  • The Ex-Ciphers left Arkanea and head for Luna because of the plague; they find that Aion was looking the Cosmic Cube. However, Luna is affected by the plague, too.
  • The group in Shift City bought some weapons from a vending machine that fell from the sky.
  • The TDN Langley was behind the plague. The sentient AI also captures Arkanea; however, the citizens made it out alive as refugees. Zel got wounded while evacuating the citizens and Asagi visited him. Asagi revealed that her father is the Lord of the Forest in Veldime. Hal's "crack" team of science individuals finally figured out way too late; the plague was based on nanomachines programmed to make people sick while putting others in a state of false death. Baseline facts about this sickness, apparently it is non fatal.... to normal people .... but... it is fatal to [people with nanomachines in their blood]... and incurable...
  • A ship crashed nearby Shift City. Patchouli and Catherine explore it and find Pauly the Shedinja.
  • Deadpool revealed that he was hired by "Landau, Luckman and Lake" to infiltrate the New Machine Empire during an interrogation by Hayley.
  • Larfreeze tries robbing the books within Alexandria's library, but Umika keeps him distracted.
  • A few group members head on a train bound for Capital City. The train got hijacked by a team of Sneasel bandits. The group fights them off. Aaron makes a cameo appearance and runs over a Sneasel.
  • Ghost and Eve steal a pair of nanosuits.
  • Eve and Jo successfully negotiates with the President of Merecia. Xion and Catherine head on a tour of Capital City.
  • Fido arrived in Capital City, upset that the group has left her behind. The President asked Jo and her team to investigate a car company. Eon criticized them on how they are still using carburetors, on how cooling is a bit lacking, and on the cars' transmissions. Eon also suggested that they should really invest in turbo for the premium models.
  • Garcie, Fido, Rory, and Mana visit the art museum at the Poke!Smithsonian. It's "Mind Scarring" Art week there!
  • Rory talks about his abusive childhood.
  • When Kotei abandoned her base with a few clones of herself, she blew up the base which causes a ridiculous amount of blood and gore from the unused clones to rain down on everything for a while.
  • The TDN Trinity group has given Wraith about sixteen and a half trillion credits of debt and she's coming to collect said debt and potentially kill all of them in the process. Newr offered a simple solution The TDN group should go to a world where 17 Trillion Dollars is basically pocket-change. Noble Six leads a group over to Equestria and get some diamonds. They had to deal with some Diamond Dogs
  • Jo leads a group over to the Bermuda Triangle. Lugia fought them and allowed to talk to Palkia.
  • Hal leads an expedition to retrieve a weapon strong enough to beat the New Machine Empire. Turns out it's in a temple worshipping the destructive goddess of sea.
  • Fido and the others find a burned and tattered corpse belonging to one of Fido's friends. A stranger accused them of killing the corpse, but Giro came up with a justifiable reason.
  • Not!Hurricane Sandy appeared over Capital City for one day.
  • The group in Arkanea heads off to get another weapon. However, they had to fight an illusion of Hal and an illusion of Haley.
  • The group in the World of Time explored the Spacial Rift and got Palkia to create a passage to Eon's world. The group encountered a reclusive Golurk named Randy.
  • Rowan met up with Madame Sharley and gets warned about the book of Eibon. Meanwhile, Eibon is ogling/"studying" the mermaids because he is a freaking pervert. Also, Eibon captured a few of them.
  • Hal asked Catherine, who just arrived in Aerith because Alyx asked her to come. Hal asked Catherine to find Eibon for him. She encounters Eibon by accident and then Eibon denies that it's the culprit. Eibon plans to index Catherine because of her curiosity. Eibon says its real name is Index because its a spirit contained within the book.
  • Deadpool pays Eve and Mana a visit. This visit happens to foreshadow that something important is going to happen to Deadpool.
  • The Group in Aerith: Catherine, Umika and Maria's already captured off-screen, and Alyx doesn't know it yet. They had to explore the Book of Eibon and explore the 7 Chapters of Sin. Catherine explored Sugaria and got bigger.
  • The Group in the Eon's World: The group dealt with Drake because he treated his workers with cruelty. Also, they encountered Giratina. During a recollection, Fido felt that Giratina was super hazy about it. What's weird is that... Fido is not really all that concerned at all. She wondered if this is how nihilists get their start. Rhyme and her group do a few explorations to retrieve the fragments of the Griseous Key. They use this Key and fight Giratina. Giratina managed to change its mind.
  • Lucy reveals her true mission: it is to protect against malignant forces. Xenophobic alien races and the like. Vincent calms her down in her time of need.
  • Alyx ended up saving Alexandria, regaining his happiness and ending his sadness/Knight in Sour Armor streak, and brought his long-deceased wife back to life.
  • The big bad robot people left Aerith and its inhabitants are trying to recover from the prison soap-dropping it just underwent. So now, as the signal for the arc to be officially ended, Hal's shipping off three characters to where the current cast is, aka Fallout World. Primarily as a way to say "Okay, let's shift our focus back to the actual adventurers, m'kay?", and to keep playing those chars.

     Fallout World/Cyber New York 
  • The group on the Trinity ended up on a post-apocalyptic world. Longram is not happy to be there.
  • The group owns Fort Bannister, an underground bunker, after they kicked out the previous owners. Fido and Vincent lured them out while Noble Six sniped the former owners from a distance. Afterwards, they went to Rivet City.
  • The group heads over to Tenpenny Tower and rescue some Solaris Rangers from Roy Phillips.
  • Fido and Vincent hunt for food. Fido spared a molerat and gave it one of her horns.
  • Doc, Vincent and Fido gather scraps. Doc built a Rock-It Launcher with said debris. They also found a jukebox and carry it back to Rivet City.
  • The Institute tried to kidnap Harkness but the group foiled that. Afterwards, they went to the Pit after some teasing of a relationship between with Fido and Vincent and a silly board game play-through. During an expedition, some of the group got kidnapped and forced to work as slaves. However, Eve and others helped free them.
  • Fido and Vincent got closer after doing a few hunting expeditions. Vincent got a pair of Deathclaw gauntlets.
  • To reach the Institute and get its technology to repair the Trinity, the group had to hijack a submarine. Problem Sleuth led an expedition into a radscorpion burrow and retrieved a bunch of radscorpion tails for an antidote. Longram and a few group members infiltrated MIT to find out the technology needed to escape from this world. Fido, Alisia, Vincent and Esther were sent over to Cyber New York after a portal accident in MIT. Raisen and Doc did some recon on the location of the other parts needed to repair the Trinity.
  • Vincent and Fido encounters Vincent's younger counterpart.
  • After retrieving the parts and fighting off the Outcasts and Wraith's personal fleet, the group heads for Terra.
  • The Cipher Brotherhood makes their last stand and Six beats Aion by talking him to death. Afterwards, the group heads to Cyber New York for a three-way wedding between Rhyme, Imca and Dave.
  • Zweig, Dave's father, wanted Alisia as an experiment but Vincent and Fido refused. Zweig claimed that he will forcefully take Alisia sooner or later and left.
  • Some of the group did an experiment with the Terran Alliance stargates. Long story short, Twilight Sparkle terraformed every planet connected with said gates.

     Jollywood II 
  • Fassad hijacked the Halo movie by mind melting the movie projector operator, and the group had to deal with it.
  • Ruby, Imca, Sylvia and Rhyme had a snow/sand-ball fight.
  • Ace Dick went into the forest and saw the Jollywood city from an observation point.
  • Some of the group were sent into comas. Their minds went into a nightmare world and they had to fight their dark counterparts.
  • Cave Bay started up a a alien invasion film. However, he hired real aliens and the group had to fight them off. Mana had to step in and tried to convince Cave to stop this madness.
  • Catherine worked on a case with Janet in Cyber New York to find the Tek Knight.
  • Michael and Kris worked for Do-It-Yourself Studios, an indie movie studio, and NOIR returned as Broken Dusk.
  • Sarah decided to look through some of the group's stuff, but Imca and Fido found out and are upset as a result.
  • Joseph Joestar got lost in Jollywood, but met the Group. He also tried Risotto Nero and enjoyed it.
  • Joseph rescued Smokey with Fiorello and Kris's help.
  • Imca worked on a tank and gave it an EMP cannon.
  • Fiorello bought a spaceship from Newr and left for his homeworld.
  • The aliens quit their job after threatening the group and Cave for a bit.

     World of Marvel II 
  • Twilight Sparkle nearly gets kidnapped by Prince Blueblood, but the group rescues her in time.
  • Some of the group leads an investigation into the Queen of England because of her suspicious actions.
  • Hand of Death has begun has pursuit of Deadpool.
  • Joseph talks with Fiorello on the relation of the Joestar family and the Speedwagon Foundation. They went to Mexico and rescued Speedwagon from a "secret" military building and confronted Santana.
  • Glasgow mysteriously disappeared overnight.
  • The group heads to the Stark Expo London.
  • Deadpool tried stealing Tony Stark's nukes.
  • A crow gave Imca a mysterious box. This box covered London with an unexpected snowstorm. Fortunately, the group sealed off the box before it could cause harm to the world. Rowan now has the box in her possession.
  • Dimensional Cracks appeared in London. On the other side of the cracks was the DC Dimension.
  • Dr. Octopus was assumed to be the cause of the cracks in the Marvel universe that lead to the DC universe. This was not the case, as one of Dr. Octopus's robots was hacked and used by a decoy by an unknown villain.
  • The cracks began to increase in size. Booker DeWitt, Songbird and Elizabeth made a cameo appearance, as they jumped from one crack to another. Some of the group attempted to rescue Elizabeth by attacking Songbird, but Elizabeth entered another crack and dropped her book
  • Seconds later everyone seems to be okay but theres something off about this new marvel universe.
  • Bruce wayne and tony stark are in partnership together as WAYNE STARK RESILIENT
  • Theres news of a war between two kinds in athlantis
  • New York seems to be overshadowed by a dark city and a city of the future
  • Basically MARVEL AND DC have amalgamated.
  • A spaceship landed on Earth after a massive battle in space. Turns out it is infested with Octobots, which tried to control it. However, the group gets rid of these Octobots. If Trinity repairs him he can talk to people normally. Ship has complete control over every part of its structure and could fashion rooms, weapons, and vehicles as needed from various storehouses and parts it had. It was able to design and run training programs for X-Factor, as well as make living quarters and workshop areas for them. It also has Cloaking Device, interstellar range Hyperdrive. Turns out Brainiac is the mastermind behind the plot. To find his location, Dave placed a tracker within an Octobot. The group followed and fought Braniac. Brainiac tries to crash his ship, Superman saved the day.
  • Rock found Techno and asked Dave to fix Techno. However, Techno got a computer virus.

     WAOAA 2013 recap 
  • WAOAA died.
  • WAOAA came back.
  • Equestria was saved. (Whether or not it was worth the effort is highly disputed.)
  • Mitch gave up the position of Captain once he realized he'd lost the Touch. Izara replaced him.
  • Twilight was put on paid leave (read: fired in all but name). Samus replaced her position as Head of Personnel.
  • After realizing that there was no Head of Security, Longram was called back to act as an impromptu one until Jake was hired on.
  • All of Sun's characters disappeared for a reason that totally doesn't involve forming a cabal to take over the RP and direct all further events. Really.
  • The Metal Desert's rebellion problem was solved. Whether or not future problems rise is also highly disputed.
  • Lupo shot Santa Claus. Samus fired him. (Sadly, it wasn't out of a cannon and into the sun.) Lupo migrated to WAOA.
  • Eve kicked herself out of retirement to resume command in Izara's absence (presumably, she was assassinated by the cabal that all of my characters made to ensure freedom I MEAN bussed).
  • Also, they retrieved a bacon dragon for the Breakfast Princess.

    Marvel/DC clash 
  • The group investigated a bank robbery and a bike theft. Both were caused by a speed junkie.
  • The mercenary group discovered a special water that can raise the dead in the Lazarus pits, as well as a crack that happened from the DC and Marvel worlds merging. Both happened after exploring Wonder City.

     Sundertown arc 
  • The mercenaries have reformed.
  • Their first mission is to destroy a zombie infestation in Sundertown, but they didn't think about bringing some ammo for their guns.
  • They head to the mall and prepare for said zombies with improvised weapons.
  • They discover from the local rednecks that the zombies are coming from the Lovecraft mansion.
  • They infiltrate the mansion and find out the zombies were resurrected by the pathetic Silver City necromancer Lyle.
  • They beat him and send him to the proper authorities.

     Glistmas arc 
  • The group was contacted by a bunch of Myrs (basically adorable little robot people) from the World of Mirrodin because their Boss, Santa Karn, was kidnapped
  • After meeting the Myrs at Mirrodin's North Pole and getting a general gist of the situation (apparently Mirrodin's equivalent of Christmas, Glistmas, is coming up and without Santa it would be absolutely terrible for all the poor kids), the group heads to an underground cave complex nearby because that's where the Myr believe Santa has been taken
  • Inside the caves, the group locates a horrific research laboratory where Myrs were being experimented on and corrupted, also for some weird reason everything is full of Glistmas Decorations
  • The Group encounters the guy running said lab, someone named Splicer Ripley. He is apparently a "Phyrexian", a culture/species of body horror people who are planning to take over Glistmas so they can corrupt and conquer all of Mirrodin
  • They are apparently using some sort of weird Oil to "compleat" (i.e. turn Phyrexian) everything it comes into contact with
  • After getting some general info out of Splicer Ripley, Nova shoots him ded and the muderhobos blow up his lab of awful misdeeds
  • Before leaving, Albert grabs Ripley's research data, which is sadly written in Phyrexian and thus unreadable for humans
  • The Murderhobos return to the Myr and tell them about their findings, then set to head out to "The Tangle", a jungle made out of metal trees to the south, because that is apparently where Splicer * * * * Ripley's notes indicated where Santa Karn might have been brought to
  • Once in the Tangle, the murderhobos meet a group of reindeer elf people called the Sylvok and tell them about their quest
  • Apparently, the Sylvok know about the Phyrexian threat and have actively been fighting them for a while now, but at heavy losses
  • Deeply worried about Santa being kidnapped, the Sylvok Leader ("Lord Rood'olleph") agrees to help the group infiltrate the Phyrexian Base in the Tangle after they promise to totally blow it the hell up once they are done
  • One of the Sylvok, Lt. Qupit, can read the Phyrexian Language so Albert hands him the research notes for translation while they are away
  • The Sylvok also point out that the Phyrexian corruption is essentially irreversible: Once touched by it, the kindest thing you can do is to completely obliterate the affected party
  • After trekking through the Tangle for what seems like eternity, our heroes finally reach the local Phyrexian Base/Outpost, a ridicuslously large metal Glistmas Tree called the Tree of Tales
  • During a random encounter with a Phyrexianized Giant Boar, it becomes apparent that Phyrexians seem to be somewhat vulnerable to fire, likely because their oil is pretty flammable(?)
  • They fight and explode their way through the levels of the Tree of Tales, encountering badly misshapen Phyrexianized Sylvoks and another Splicer, called Shelley, until they reach a storage room near the top.
  • Splicer Shelley used some sort of magical shotgun during the fight, which is subsequently looted
  • In the storage area, the Group finds a bunch of random junk as well as some very important-looking papers: Notes and drawings showing a ridiculously massive-ass Tank made entirely out of Darksteel, an indestructible metal native to Mirrodin
  • There is also a crate full of Weird Mana Potions, some of which Katia takes with her
  • At the top level of the Tree of Tales, the Murderhobos overhear a conversation between the guy in charge of the place, Lead Grafter Threx, and his apparent superior, a woman he calls "Lady Norn"
  • Lady Norn may or may not be radioactive, at least she causes feelings of extreme pain and weakness in those that get too close to her
  • Apparently, the Phyrexians are holding Santa Karn at "The Core", trying to compleat him and turning him into Phyrexia's new corrupted Ruler, the Father of Machines, aiming to conquer Mirrodin with his Glistmas Powers... somehow
  • After Norn leaves rather suddenly, about half of the group starts fighting Threx while the other half gets busy preparing to burn the shit out of that place
  • Threx is defeated in a really long and hard battle after landing some serious blows against the group, partially thanks to being able to throw back any damage they deal to him
  • The Murderhobos evacuate the Tree of Tales after lighting it on fire, and Serenity subsequently nukes it to Oblivion.
  • The Murderhobos went to the Forge to retrieve a giant tank. The creator of the tank, Urabansk wanted to die because he hated suffering under his Phyresis disease. They obliged by shooting him in the face with the tank he created.
  • They went on a rampage with a newly dubbed Urabansk's Revenge. They retrieve Santa Karn and escape the core.
  • Unfortunately, Lady Norn influenced Santa Karn. The group was divided in two until they feed Santa Karn with red Mana.
  • During the battle, Santa Karn died. The Murderhobos filled with Glistmas cheer, turned the tank into a giant robot and pounded the hell out of Lady Norn.
  • Santa Karn was reborn in a Glistmas miracle and gave presents to mostly everyone in the group.

     Marvel/DC Arc ' 15 
  • Things have changed tremendously. Steve went missing and Tony Stark sold his company to Bruce Wayne.
  • Eventually, Steve was found, but now he's old.
  • The Group infiltrated a Star Destroyer and stopped it.

     World of Tales ' 15 
  • The group got involved in a bar brawl. Marcia got kidnapped, but Longram and Albert rescued her.
  • Liman got kidnapped by elves, but the group rescued her.
  • Lupo the braindead werewolf cowboy returns for revenge, but the mercenaries beat him and convert him into a host for Fido the zombie bread.
  • Haken launches an investigation into Lancelot and is launched into a conspiracy that involves the creation killer rabbits by Mordred and Morgan le Fay. A few members of the group stop the two, but the they escape for another day.
  • To receive a bottle or something on hand, Samus and Chuck had to retrieve a chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken is gigantic and sentient.

     Team Rocket arc 
  • Officer Jenny hired the group to investigate Team Rocket's activities.
  • They first investigated a "supposed" landslide at Diglett's Cave, and it turns out they used it as a base.
  • To get to Team Rocket's new bases in Johto, the group had to infiltrate a train.
  • At first they split up in their investigation of the Rocket bases, but they focused their investigation in the warehouse in Mahogany City.
  • Blues discovered that Team Rocket has a base in the Cinnabar Island Volcano, and it turns out that they forcibly evolved the Legendary Bird Trio somehow. One went to Victory Road, one went to the Kanto Power Plant, and one went to Hoenn.
  • The Birds caused major havoc until the WAOA Group stopped Articuno and Zapdos, while Kerberos Security stopped Moltres. Afterwards, they took a break while finding Team Rocket's new base.
  • Giovanni delivered an ultimatum to tell Kerberos to leave Team Rocket alone. If they didn't comply, he would send out Subject Omega and destroy a few towns.