Tropers: Sparty Mc Fly

If these executives don't blame Anoleis for provoking this, they're fools! You should eat them! - Urdnot Wrex, Mass Effect

It's like, take a piece of paper and draw a line on it. Then from the end of that line draw a bunch of branches. Then from the end of each of those branches, draw a bunch more. That's time. Now take that tree you've just drawn. Put it on a desk. And empty your inkwell onto it. That's what happens when a time machine blows up. - Tycho Green, Shrapnel

Hello. I am Sparty McFly, not to be confused with Marty McFly. Yeah. How I got my name is a long story, but aside from that... I'm a gamer from Newfoundland, a part of Canada that's really just some rock floating in the middle of the Atlantic. It is cold and wet here, and often. Interests are firearms of all types, cars (but only the fast ones), jet fighters and most stuff that flies, and video games. Tropes will be up whenever I feel like it.


  • Buffy Speak - Sometimes used when he can't figure out the proper word for something fast enough.
  • Catchphrase - OH GOD (used during strenuous situations in games)
  • Cluster F-Bomb - Swears often. Usually, the angrier he gets, the swearier he gets.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Often. Very self-proficient.
  • Flat "What." - Used very often.
  • Older Than He Sounds: The way he carries himself you'd think he's bordering on young adult. He's 16. Sometimes averted.
  • Running Gag - Inability to fly.
  • Seen It All - It takes lots of effort to shock him.
  • Those Two Guys - With him and her in different social circles.
    • Also this with a meatspace friend.

Videos You Should Watch Soon

Whenever I find videos I'll put them here. Until then...

I'mma Go Ahead And Put Some Images Here

When I get to them.

My Playlist

If I ever end up cobbling all these songs together in one pla-OH WAIT.

  • Bring Your Guns - Borderlands OST
  • Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
  • Mind Heist - Inception OST
  • No Heaven - DJ Champion
  • Destroying The Destroyer - Borderlands OST
  • Bowser's Galaxy Generator Theme - Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST
  • Main Theme - Battlefield 3 OST
  • The Gadfly Suite Finale - Shostakovich
  • Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake - Small Faces
  • Adagio For Strings + Agnus Dei - Homeworld OST
  • Mama Economy - Tay Zonday
  • Song of the Dragonborn - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST
  • March of Cambreadth - Heather Alexander
  • Machine Gun - Noisia
  • Laboured And Lost - Assassin's Creed: Revelations OST
  • I Want It All/We Will Rock You - Queen feat. Armageddon
  • Oh My God - Bo Burnham
  • Soviet March - Red Alert 3 OST
  • Hell March 3 - Red Alert 3 OST
  • Solomon's Theme - Battlefield 3 OST
  • To Glory - Two Steps From Hell
  • Armada - Two Steps From Hell
  • Protectors of the Earth - Two Steps From Hell
  • Just For Today - Hybrid
  • Shoot To Thrill - AC/DC
  • Stonehenge - Spinal Tap
  • Multiplayer Menu Theme - Modern Warfare 3 OST
  • Last Man Standing - Hybrid
  • Doomsday - Nero
  • M4 Part II - The Faunts
  • Main Theme - Battlefield 3 OST

And that's not even all of it. More will be added (and music will eventually be linked to) as I get to it.

My Favorites

  • Favorite Gun - Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle
  • Favorite Car - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport
  • Favorite Jet - Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
  • Favorite Game - SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM
  • Favorite RTS Unit - Land Leviathan, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
  • Favorite Pony - Rainbow Dash
  • Favorite BattleMech - Mad Cat Mk. II

More to be added as time passes.

OMG Changelog

  • April 4th, 2012 - Decided to jazz the page up a bit.
  • April 5th, 2012 - Bolstered tropes section.
  • April 8th, 2012 - Bolstered several sections. Fixed dates in changelog.
  • June 3rd, 2012 - Added a couple of things.

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You are never permitted to pilot a helicopter again. -Tyler L 320
  • The fuck you think I did after I crashed the first time? - Sparty Mc Fly

Asteroids ahead. Evasive Manoeuvres. -desdendelle

Crazy Awesome To the Max. And where did you learn to fly? :P ~ Arcadiarika
  • 1. Thank you for the complement. 2. Fuck you, I don't even have a pilot's license, thanks for asking. - Sparty Mc Fly

WELCOME TO THE HERD. Hey, somepony had to say it. -Pilot Solaris