Recap / Secret Of Monkey Island Part 1

The Secret of Monkey Island, Part 1: The Three Trials

In the 17th-century Caribbean (sort of), an ambitious but none-too-bright young man named Guybrush Threepwood arrives on Melee Islandô, with the intent of becoming a pirate. The local pirates are reluctant to induct him into their ranks, but they're also in need of some new blood; it seems the old guard all scared of the notorious pirate LeChuck who, rumor has it, has come back as a ghost after disappearing in his quest to discover the secret of Monkey Island.

Guybrush is challenged with three tasks to test his ability in the art of "swordsmanship, thievery, and... treasure-huntery". The test of swordsmanship involves learning the fine art of mixing sword-fighting with witty banter and testing his skills against Carla, the reclusive Sword Master of Melee Island. The test of thievery involves breaking into the governor's mansion and stealing the Idol of Many Hands. Finally, the test of treasure-hunting involves tracking down the legendary "Treasure of Melee Islandô": a t-shirt reading "I found the Treasure of Melee Islandô and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".

Along the way, Guybrush meets a number of eccentric characters, including the mysterious Voodoo Lady, three Men of Ill Repute, and the bickering circus performers the Fettucini Brothers. He also catches the eye of the beautiful and quick-witted governor, Elaine Marley, and runs afoul of the scheming sheriff Fester Shinetop (who turns out to be a disguised LeChuck trying to keep Guybrush from becoming a Spanner in the Works.

Much to Guybrush's dismay, no sooner does he complete his trials than Governor Marley is kidnapped by LeChuck and his ghostly crew. He quickly sets about gathering a crew and getting a ship, but the only ship he can get his hands on is a half-sunk wreck from Stan's Previously-Owned Vessels, and the only crew he can find are Carla, a petty thief named Otis, and a hook handed lug named Meathook. Rallying himself and his crew as best he can, Guybrush sets sail for LeChuck's secret lair on Monkey Island.