Recap / Secret Of Monkey Island Part 2

The Secret of Monkey Island, Part 2: The Journey

Guybrush's expedition to Monkey Island hits a dead end, and his crew decide to start treating their expedition as a tropical vacation. Guybrush struggles in vain to get his crew motivated, but they're convinced "Governor Marley can handle herself", and threaten to mutiny if Guybrush pushes the issue.

Exploring his ship, Guybrush discovers an ancient logbook detailing the previous owner's expedition to Monkey Island, and a magic voodoo recipe that holds the secret to finding the island. Scrounging together the ingredients for the spell (or at least somewhat reasonable approximations), Guybrush cooks up the recipe, and is stunned by a magical explosion. When he comes to, Guybrush finds his ship has been magically transported to Monkey Island!

Unfortunately, it seems that Guybrush's ship is lacking in certain features, like lifeboats, making getting to shore problematic. But with some quick thinking, a sturdy metal pot, and a cannon, Guybrush finally (crash) lands on the shores of Monkey Island.