Recap / SD Gundam Force

This is the list of episodes from SD Gundam Force. However, only the first 26 episodes aired in the United States. Episodes 27-52 were later released on a DVD collection titled All New Adventures

Season 1

  1. His Name is Captain: Zapper Zaku of the Dark Axis attacks Neotopia.
  2. Soul Drive, Activate!: Captain and Shute work together to figure out the Soul Drive's power.
  3. Zero, the Flying Knight: Grappler Gouf joins Zapper's squad, and a Gundam called Zero appears.
  4. Attack the Enemy Musai!: The Dark Axis captures Captain and Zero, forcing Shute to come to the rescue.
  5. Gundam Force, Team Up!: The Dark Axis attacks the Dimensional Transport Device.
  6. The Blazing Samurai Comes to Neotopia: Bakunetsumaru of Ark joins the Gundam Force.
  7. Go! Gunbike!: Gunbike joins the Gundam Force while Grappler hijacks a train
  8. A Princess, A Cake, and the Winged Knight: Destroyer Dom attacks a cake-baking facility.
  9. Bakunetsumaru's Struggle: Bakunetsumaru and Dr. Bell Wood must work together and stop the Zakos from setting off a bomb!
  10. Gundam Force Triple Attack!: Zapper, Grappler, and Destroyer come up with their own team move.
  11. The Mystery of Lacroa Part 1: Arrival: The Gundam Force is sent to Lacroa.
  12. The Mystery of Lacroa Part 2: Trapped: The Gundam Force is trapped in Lacroa's Dark Hole.
  13. The Mystery of Lacroa Part 3: Return: The Gundam Force fights Tallgeese for a second time.
  14. Undercover Mission! Learn the Gundam Force's Secrets!: Zakos interview the Gundams.
  15. Mach Wings: GunEagle!: The Dark Axis reveals a new, more powerful Komusai.
  16. Masters of the Deep Sea: GunDivers! The Gundam Force and Dark Axis search for the Komusai II in the sea.
  17. Ashuramaru: The Old Rival Returns: A warrior from Bakunetsumaru's past appears.
  18. Fly, Captain! The SDG Base Hangs by a Thread! a ninja Gundam from Ark attacks!
  19. Showdown! Bakunetsumaru vs. Ashuramaru: Bakunetsumaru and Ashuramaru have their duel.
  20. Fenn's Disaster: A Pawn Leo appears in Neotopia.
  21. Awakening! Feather Dragon: Tallgeese and his followers appear in Neotopia!
  22. Attack of the Big-Zam: The Dark Axis begins their full-scale invasion by attacking the SDG Base!
  23. Fire Up! Captain System: To save Neotopia's mobile citizens, Captain must use the RE-Equip Ring.
  24. Trouble! Stolen Soul Drive: The Dark Axis steals Captain's Soul Drive!
  25. Neotopia's Moment of Truth: Shute tries to steal back the Soul Drive from the Dark Axis Commander.
  26. The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain: Captain and the Commander duke it out for Neotopia!

Season 2

  1. Into the Dark Axis!: The Gundam Force sets out to the other dimension.
  2. Ways of the Warrior: The Gundam Force try to convince Genkimaru of their good intentions.
  3. No More Ultimate Techniques! Terror of the Minov Boundary Sea: Cobramaru attacks the Gundamusai!
  4. Big Comeback! We're the Heroes?: Zapper Zaku is back, but something about him is different.
  5. Evil Sword Epyon: Tallgeese attacks the Gundamusai!
  6. Epyon's Assault!: Tallgeese transforms into the Berserker Epyon, and goes on a rampage!
  7. Rescue Operation: The Cursed Princess Lacroa: The Gundam Force goes to rescue the Princess of Lacroa.
  8. Princess in a Black Dress: Their's something odd about the Princess of Lacroa...
  9. Genkimaru, Samurai Number One!: The adventures of Gennkimaru and Zapper's gang in Lacroa.
  10. Rice Balls and the Garden of Wisdom: The Gundam Force go to Lacroa's Garden of Wisdom
  11. Fierce Fight! Deathscythe the Knight of Darkness: Zero and Deathscythe square off for the final time!
  12. Princess Rele, Revived!: Princess Rele of Lacroa is restored, while Zapper's gang steal the Re-Equip Ring.
  13. Gerbera's Invitation: Gerbera tries to get Captain to join the Dark Axis.
  14. Kibaomaru's Attack!!: Kibaomaru attacks the Gundamusai!
  15. Shute and the Princess Captured!: Shute and Princess Rele are brought to the Dark Axis.
  16. War-torn Ark: Bakunetsumaru has returned to Ark.
  17. The Ultimate Challenge! Kibaomaru vs Shute: Shute and Kibaomaru play Shogi.
  18. Bakushinmaru, Flare Up!!: Kibaomaru sends his Cobra Ninja Force to attack Buritenmaru.
  19. Gundam Force, Assembled!!: The Gundam Force goes to rescue Shute and Princess Rele from Kibaomaru.
  20. The Tears of Cobramaru: Cobramaru steals the Black Armor and attacks the Gundam Force.
  21. Musha Daishinshou Unleashed!: The final battle for Ark is at hand.
  22. Tenchijo on Fire! Genkimaru's Roar!!: The war for Ark ends.
  23. Prelude to Destruction: Gerbera's True Identity: The Dark Axis has come to Ark!
  24. Total Annihilation?! The Threat of the General: The General prepares to destroy the universe!
  25. The Final Battle! The General vs Everyone!: Everyone unites their power against the General.
  26. The Voyage Home: The final episode of the series.