Tear Jerker / SD Gundam Force

  • Episode 2 has Shute and the Captain having fun hanging out all day trying to figure how to active the Soul Drive. Unfortunately the Chief doesn't approve and orders Captain to stay away from Shute. Thankfully it doesn't stick but, it sure was hard watching the both of them so low.
  • The death of Ashuramaru.
    Ashuramaru: What I did... I did for Ark.
  • Even though it happend off screen, the death's of Lacroa's Royal Knights counts.
  • The death of Fake!Rele
  • Despite all the evil things he did, Deed plummeting to his death is sad given his original motivation and backstory.
  • Tallgeese's Heroic Sacrifice. Short but heartbreaking.
  • After Kibaomaru's been defeated, he sadly notes to Shute that they wont be able to play shogi again as he would have liked. Shute protests that he shouldn't talk like that and that he'll now be able to play shogi with Genkimaru.
  • Gerbera/Madnug's final moments were just plain heartbreaking to watch. He tries to kill himself in order to revive the General. Captain manages to grab him before he falls and asks the mad Gundam to let him help him. Unfortunately, this mirrors Madnug's Start of Darkness, renforcing the General's Brain Washing. Madnug shakes free of Captain and falls to his death.
  • Shute's brainwashing. What makes it even worse is how this is the first time Shute's resolve has been shaken to such a degree. The boy was literally in TEARS.