Funny / SD Gundam Force

  • You gotta love those Zako's. Heck they even have there own Show Within a Show with the "Zako Zako Hour!"
  • "I'm a repair bot, not a magician."
  • One of the most ridiculous bits of dialogue ever heard.
    Shute: Gundam Force is so cool! Come on everybody!
    Chief Haro: Gundam Force is so cool!
    Keiko and Sayla: Gundam Force is so cool!
    Captain, Bakunetsumaru, and Zero: Gundam Force is so cool!
    Shute: Haha... even if we do say so ourselves!
  • And what's with all the banana gags? This series must have been the inspiration for all the banana gags in the OHSHC anime.
  • Those poor Pawn Leos.
    • The Pawn Pawn Hour. Epic Fail doesn't even cover it.
  • Just about every scene with Bakunetsumaru in episode 12 is funny. It's great watching him scream like a little girl. The best part's when Captain starts swinging him all over the place and he keeps flailing about.
    • Typically, whenever he's not being Badass, he's being the Butt-Monkey.
  • You've gotta love it when Zero makes roses pop up in Baku's hands, or on his head, or his swords.
    Bakunetsumaru: He's at it again! Pulling flowers out of thin air!
  • You gotta love the Dancing Mook Credits.
  • Gunpanzer appears in Ark! ...yep, it's Captains instructor again. The expressions everyone makes while he's razzing them just sells it.
  • Shute mocking Tallgeese's name during his introduction.
    • Tallgeese gets these moments during the Lacroa trilogy. Such as doing a little song and dance in part 2, or when a banana gets impaled on his head-fin. Then having to fight off a giant Bagu Bagu.
  • After learning of the Gundam Force's exploits, Princess Rele decides that she wants to give them a token of her approval...tiny capes! Of course, these capes don't flow in the wind like Zero's, and are in fact a bit stiff. Rele misses the point when the guys express their discomfort, and gives them even more capes, essentially making them look like red bushes.