Awesome / SD Gundam Force

  • The final battle of the first episode really shows us how awesome things are going to get.
    Shute: Hey Mr. Classifed Guy! You left this at my place! (Shute tosses Captain his shield)
    Captain: (amazed) ...Thank you.
  • Bakunetsumaru's second duel with Ashuramaru. After taking Ashuramaru's ultimate attack, Baku pulls himself to his feet and calls Ashuramaru out on basically selling his soul for power and vengeance. Then he defeats Ashuramaru in two blows.
    Bakunetsumaru: His new powers have made him arrogant...and blind. He cannot conceive of defeat. And that is his weakness.
  • The final battle between Commander Sazabi and Captain Gundam. True, it becomes a Curb-Stomp Battle in Captain's favor, but he's definitely pushed to his limits, losing an arm in the battle, before everything's done.
  • Sazabi tries to sway Captain to join him and the Dark Axis. And what's Captain's response?
    Captain: If you want a friend, you'll have to do better than that!
  • Zero and Bakunetsumaru's transformation sequence scenes equal total ownage.
  • The Dai-Shogun of Perfect Virtue can kick your ass with just his fans. And he look's good doing it too!
  • Every time The Feather Dragon, Griffin or the Steel Dragon appears is a moment of awesome. And that goes for the Superior Dragon too.
  • Kibaomaru has some pretty awesome moments himself. When he first attacks the Gundam Force in he Minor Boundary Sea, his finishing blow is to use his Zambao Sword to chop of the Gundamusai's head.
    • In Ark, he proves to be skilled strategist as well. He quickly sees through Princess Rele's attempt to fool him with an illusion of the Gundam Force in Buritenmaru's army (The hologram is in the center of the charge, while the real heroes would more like be leading it) and has his honor guard secure the castle's rear.
  • Shute gets his special moments too. First off, there's the time he sneaks aboard the Magnamusai after Captain and Zero have been captured and frees them.
    • Retrieving the Soul Drive from Sazabi (With help from Zero and Baku).
    • Saving the fake princess at the Garden of Wisdom's entrance.
  • "Tenchijo Gaeshi!"
  • Shute's Kirk Summation to the General in episode 51.
    Shute: We will never be defeated! You want to know why? Because the Gundam Force will never give up. When one of us is in trouble, we work together as a team. No evil force can break our friendship. It's you who will be defeated. Now you don't exist!
  • In the final episode, just as the General attacks, the Zakorello gate teleports in thanks to his son and saves everybody by literally turning the General's own attack right around and back at his base, which gets completely trashed in the process.
  • The FINAL DEADLY SCREAMING CHAOS! attack. They even added Zapper's watering can for good measure.
  • Chief Haro proves he's not just a figurehead when he finally enters a battle personally... whereupon he headbutts an enemy guided missile into submission, followed by him beating up more missiles with his bare hands, then headbutting another four missiles simultaneously until they ricochet off his head and explode, and finally grabbing a missile and using it to bludgeon other missiles. There's a reason he's the Chief.