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Awesome: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
  • The first notable Moment of Awesome in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE would have to be in Episode 1, when Flit Asuno not only got the Gundam AGE-1 moving, but also accomplished the feat of destroying the very first U.E. in all of humanity's history.
  • In Episode 2, the AGE System creates a new weapon for Flit based on information retrieved from the first Moment of Awesome described above, allowing the Gundam AGE-1 to destroy another U.E.. Yurin using her mysterious psychic abilities to help Flit out of the Space Colony also counts, since it established Yurin as a major character.
  • Episode 3: Commander Bruzar's Heroic Sacrifice. Definitely a Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • Episode 8: Woolf's Big Damn Heroes debut of the G-Exes, upstaging the Gundam Titus' debut in the same episode.
    • The Gundam Titus's signature move, the Beam Lariat! Killer Bee and A'd be proud.
  • Episode 10: The whole damn battle, but most notably Don Boyage and his servants making their Heroic Sacrifice by kamikazing their heavily-damaged mobile suits into the UE mothership. Easily the best Dying Moment of Awesome yet.
    • The Gundam Spallow's debut, enough said.
  • Episode 12: Stoller Guavaran using flashbangs to get his men to surround the Diva was an admittedly awesome moment.
  • All the above moments pale in comparison to how Flit deals with all the surrounding Gafrans in Episode 13.
    • The Diva's Transformation Sequence to the "Assault Landing Mode" is nothing to scoff at either.
    • All in all, this episode is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the fight scenes in the series. It came a long way and now we get to see the true potential of this series thanks to the souped-up animation quality for the battles.
    • Madorna's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end
  • Flit vs. Desil in episode 14, after Yurin's death. Flit flies into an Unstoppable Rage and counterattacks so quickly and heavily that Desil — Ax-Crazy Blood Knight extraordinaire — is reduced to sobbing in fear inside his cockpit.
    • Even more amazing is that the Spallow had received a lot of damage at that point. Losing both an arm and a leg. But STILL Flit destroyed Desil without any effort when he really wanted to fight.
    • He then gets another one right after when he switches into the Titus and forces Ambat's bay door open, totaling the Titus parts in the process.
    • Ract gets a minor one with his Rousing Speech for the unified Zalam/Euba forces.
    • Yurin also gets one. She somehow overcomes Desil's control via the mobile suit's Dummy System-esque computer to save Flit from receiving the final blow.
  • How about The Reveal in Episode 15 that the UE are actually people from Vagan, a nation consisting of colonies in Mars that were left for dead by the Earth Federation?
    • Not to mention the Defurse being played up as the Vagan's final trump card, only to have it get completely curbstomped by Flit and Woolf in the space of a couple of minutes.
  • Asemu's first battle in the Gundam. Not only does he seem to take a cue from Woolf's fighting style, along with a touch of Use Your Head and Throwing Your Sword Always Works, he grabs the severed arm of the Dorado he just downed and uses it to cut down the other Dorado!
  • Episode 17: Vargas' maintenance crew, with just a jeep and an RPG, distracts a Vagan mobile suit long enough for Asemu to show up. And they do it without losing a single man.
  • Episode 19. Asemu's first sortie in the Gundam AGE-2. It peaks toward the end, when he changes to G-Strider mode on the fly, blows past the Dorados, then turns around in front of the Diva's bridge, changes back to mobile suit mode, then takes out both Dorados with one shot from the Hyper DODS Rifle.
  • Episode 20. Dear God, Episode 20. The duel between Asemu and Zeheart is truly a sight to behold.
    • Asemu also gets a smaller moment earlier, when a Dorado tries to evade his shot by ducking behind an asteroid...only for the Hyper DODS Rifle to shoot through the asteroid and hit the Dorado, anyway.
    • Zeheart finishes the duel with the most insane version of the Char Kick ever committed to anime. He does a flying kick into the AGE-2 Gundam, hitting it so hard that both mobile suits slam into an asteroid about a kilometer in diameter, and they hit it hard enough to produce a visible ground wave that we can see rippling through the entirety of the rock.
  • Flit shows up in Episode 22 to bail out Asemu and Woolf from Desil and Zeheart easily pushing them both back and showing he's still got it
    • Also, surprisingly enough, the Federation forces, especially Flit's Number Two, Frederick Algreus. They prove that with a skilled tactician and commander leading them, they can fight advanced X-Rounder units and win through superior tactics and maneuvering.
    • Episode 22 in general was awesome. Asem stands up to Zeheart and handles himself quite well, Woolf kicks as much ass as possible in a damaged suit, Arisa Gunhale gets some pretty sweet kills, and we get the rematch between Flit and Desil. Between Flit's Tranquil Fury and Desil's gleefully insane rage, that battle is a sight to behold.
  • AGE-2 Double-Bullet's debut in Episode 24. Asemu might not be an X-Rounder, but he totally owns two members of the Magicians Eight thanks to his mobile suit's capabilities.
    • Flit's second battle with Zeheart, which is the first time he really fights him one on one. Despite being in the outdated AGE-1, Flit manages to fight Zeheart, who has regularly curbstomped Asemu's superior AGE-2, to a standstill.
  • Episode 25 shows us that precog powers ain't worth shit when you're up against The White Wolf.
    • Flit got another one in this episode, too, despite not even setting foot in his mobile suit. Despite Desil gunning for the Diva with a vengeance, Flit's superior tactics prevented him from putting so much as a scratch on the battleship.
  • Episode 26 was a great episode for battles, but what really seals the deal is Asemu avenging Woolf's death by taking There Is No Kill Like Overkill to new heights. Finally embracing his dead mentor's advice, he truly becomes a Super Pilot by completely obliterating Desil's mobile suit and finally killing the sick bastard.
    • What makes the scene is that Desil isn't a victim of The Worf Effect. He's still dangerous enough to fight Woolf and Asemu at the same time. It's just that Asemu's Unstoppable Rage gets him going so fast that Desil's precognitive abilities can't keep up with him. All the while this music plays in the background, as Asemu rips Desil's MS apart.
  • Episode 27 features a minor Dying Moment of Awesome: Daz, a Mauve Shirt who helped Zeheart avoid arrest early in the arc and then spent the rest of his time doing nothing of importance, sets his Mu-szell on maximum power and takes on Flitís Gundam, knowing that he is going to die one way or another (if Flit does not kill him the brain damage will). Despite his mobile suit getting cut in half by Flit he still manages to grab the Gundam and self-destruct. Flit survives, but the damage to his Gundam is so severe he is unable to continue fighting. This is the most damage anyone has ever managed to do to Flitís Gundam!
    • Zeehart's disbelief that Asemu could fight, keep up with, and equal him.
  • Episode 28: Flit's coup which rooted out the traitors in the Earth Federation government, and Asemu fully embracing his mentor's legacy as the new White Wolf.
    • It's less awesome when Flit reveals that his intention is the outright genocide of the Vagans. His political purge isn't so much getting rid of corruption within the government but eliminating any possible opposition to his plan.
      • Though to be fair, they were still traitors, so he probably would have had to root them out even if he WASN'T interested in genocide.
  • Episode 29 has Kio getting the Gundam AGE-3 and easily downing Vagan mooks, including destroying a Defurse in a single shot. At the same time, Flit's has his Establishing Character Moment in the Third Generation by being the ultimate Bad Ass Grandpa, bringing the the Gundam to Kio and then calmly coaching him on how to pilot it, even when they're getting shot at by angry Vagans.
    • Vagan's full scale invasion of Earth is incredibly badass. Having used their previous assault on Big Ring to gather data on the Federation Forces, they're officially done messing around. They move in a massive, stealthed space fortress (at least five times the size of Big Ring) decloak right in front of the Earth Federation's orbital HQ, and freaking vaporize it with a very Death Star-esque beam weapon. This is followed by a huge invasion force descending to Earth and wreaking havoc, which is only interrupted by Lord Ezelcant himself appearing (in holographic form) to announce to the citizens of Earth that the Vagan invasion officially begins now, at which point the Vagan sleeper cells left on Earth at the end of Episode 27, which have been waiting and preparing their mobile suit forces for the last two decades, spring into action, resulting in Vagan mobile suits coming out of the woodwork, everywhere.
  • Episode 29 also features many awesome scenes in the third opening, all set to Crowning Music of Awesome: REAL by ViViD
    • Gundam AGE-3 posing heroically with AGE-2 and AGE 1 in the background.
    • A RGE-G2100C Clanche Custom transforming in mid-air , pulling out its beam saber and killing a Vagan Mobile Suit, before transforming again and shooting off into the sky with the other Clanches.
    • The entire Vagan Army and the xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis. Enough said.
    • Filt taking off his googles and looking badass. That is all.
    • The entire combining sequence of AGE-3 Normal, complete with heroic pose at the end.
    • The scene of AGE-3 Fortress using its bazookas, and AGE-3 Orbital soaring through space.
    • The final scene of AGE-3 vs. xvt-zgc Ghirarga on the moon with Earth in the background.
  • Episode 31 with the AGE-3 Fortress' debut. When Kio unleashes it, he turns an acre of desert into a sheet of molten glass. Even the Diva's own crew gets an Oh, Crap look when they see it.
    • Kio gets a smaller one even earlier. Two words: OPEN GET!.
  • Episode 33: The duel between Kio and Zeheart. Sure, Zeheart was in an inferior mobile suit to his Ghirarga, but he still finally straight-up lost a fight.
  • Episode 34: "Don't mess with a super pilot."
    • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment when you realize that he defeated the tactics that killed Woolf, fulfilling his mentor's dying wish by surpassing him.
  • Episode 36: Flit launching in the AGE-1 Flat once again. And though it doesn't last long, he's able to hold off both Zeheart and Zanald with a 49-year-old mobile suit.
  • Episode 39. And boy, was this episode glorious.
    • Asemu the Super Pirate fights Ezelcant's new Gundam Legilis and it ends on a stalemate when reinforcements on both sides show up. In other words, a pilot who doesn't have any X-Rounder powers not only manages to survive a fight against the most powerful X-Rounder alive, he fights him to a draw. BADASS.
    • Ezelcant might be a serious Social Darwinist, but you have to give him credit for delivering two No-Holds-Barred Beatdowns to the AGE-3 (once in Orbital Form and once in the Normal Form). Ezelcant probably could have ended the war there and then if Kio didn't resemble his son.
    • The pirates threatening to send asteroids towards Second Moon to make the Vagans retreat. And after it's revealed that they're actually smoke-filled dummies, the pirates are long gone, succeeding in their rescue mission.
  • Episode 40: BOY OH BOY, THE ENTIRE GODDAMN 4TH OPENING!! Many, many awesome scenes:
    • Showing the three generations of protagonists together in many scenes, showing their happy memories together. As well as the progression of the three generations of Gundams, from AGE-1 to AGE-3.
    • Showing the four characters: Yurin (sniff), Grodek Ainoa (salute), Woolf Enneacle (salute), and Lu (sniff) in sequence.
    • The whole Vagan mobile suit ARMY, including Gundam Legilis, Fawn Farsia and Girard Spriggan's Thielva.
    • The reveal of the Gundam AGE-FX and how it uses its C-Funnels to decimate its enemies.
    • AGE-1 Gransa fighting the Fawn Farsia (Pink Vagan Mobile Suit), AGE-2 Dark Hound fighting XVT-ZGC Ghirarga, and last but not least, AGE-FX fighting against a HUGE mobile suit clad in darkness. (later revealed to be SID, the self aware Mech that fought Asemu)
    • The final scene in which the three generations of protagonists were seen with their respective Gundams.
    • And onto the Episode itself, Kio gets one when he utilizes the C-Funnels of Gundam AGE-FX to destroy the Vagan mobile suits without killing the pilots. Again.
  • Episode 41:
    • The brief fight between Asemu and Zeheart in their respective Mobile Suits is nothing short of pure awesomeness. With screaming of each other names included.
    • When Flit asks his son to not interfere with the battle, Asemu refuses and gives this gem: "I'm a pirate. I do as I please."
    • Fram in her Fawn Farsia Mobile Suit. She can fight Kio to a standstill in just ONE BATTLE. WOW.
  • Episode 42: Girard Spriggan's piloting debut. Asemu versus Zeheart. That is all.
  • Episode 43: Dear God.
    • Near the beginning, six mobile suits line up: the AGE-1, AGE-2 Dark Hound, and AGE-FX on one side and the Fawn Farsia, Ghirarga, and Thielva on the other. Just the way that gets set up is awesome.
    • In the first exchange, every time a pilot tries something, it gets countered. The series of counters is a blast to watch.
    • Girard's X-Rounder abilities going out of control and stealing the remote weaponry from the Ghirarga, Fawn Farsia, and Gundam AGE-FX was both this and a MASSIVE Oh, Crap moment.
    • Upon hearing Algreus's orders to the Diva, Abis figures out exactly what he wants; use the Photon Blaster Cannon to break into the base, hack into the communications, and deliver the Vagan forces an ultimatum. And it works.
    • And after the battle, when that Dirty Coward base commander comes begging for help after shooting two soldiers in cold blood? Fram gives him exactly what he deserves.
  • Episode 44: Kio's epic Calling the Old Man Out to Flit.
    • Also Zeheart's first sortie in the Gundam Legilis. It's truly a blast to watch, and contains an awesome remix of the Zeydra's theme.
  • Episode 45: Zeheart goes toe-to-toe with SID, a Mobile Armor possessing far greater technology than either the AGE Builder or Vagan, and which had curb-stomped Asemu 13 years prior. During the fight he unlocks Legilis' true abilities, including using the bits to deflect beams and form shields. With some help from Asemu, he barely manages to win the fight, but SID survives to fight another day.
    • Let's not forget about said help, either. Asemu displays his mastery of the Indy Ploy by diving straight at SID, going down below it, and grappling it with the Dark Hound's hooks. He then gets taken on the ride of his life, but still manages to hang on, and gets Zeheart to use the wires to locate SID and finish it off.
    • The Bisidian Pirates get a great one. Asemu and Zeheart are poised to have a duel in the asteroid cavern containing the EXA-DB—and then the Baranoke comes in guns blazing, blasting the database to smithereens before the fight can even get started. Okay, there's still enough of a smithereen to sustain what's left of SID, but it was still a great moment.
  • Episode 46: Gundam Legilis and Fawn Farsia versus Gundam AGE-FX. Gundam Legilis spamming its bits and Gundam AGE-FX using its C-funnels to create a ball of shield to protect itself as well as aid in its offense. This scene although is short, but it is really, really awesome.
  • Episode 47 has a few awesome scenes:
    • Godom Tyneham in his Guldorin versus Seric Abis in his Clanche Custom. Seric wins through exploiting the Guldorin's weaknesses.
    • Kio unleashing the Gundam AGE-FX's Burst Mode against Zanald's xvm-zbc Xamdrag, curb-stomping the bastard totally after the latter has killed Deen (Lu's brother). However, Zanald lives to fight another day.
  • Episode 48 managed to top Episode 47 by having these scenes:
    • Fram's Fawn Farsia coming within inches of killing Kio's Gundam AGE-FX, and the latter would have died if not for his father's Asemu's intervention.
    • Obright in his Genoace 0-Custom killing Leil and the Ghirarga by spearing the latter through the abdomen with a beam saber. And then killing Fram by cutting into Fawn Farsia's cockpit seconds after Fram had already shoved her own beam saber into Obright's cockpit. If that doesn't count as Badass Normal, this troper don't know what does. More amazing considering that his suit is essentially an ancient grunt suit that has been piecemeal upgraded over the years and he beat two ace custom models.
    • Asemu vs. Zeheart in their respective Mobile Suits: Round 2. AGE 2 Dark-Hound vs. Gundam Legilis in its pure awesome glory. With screaming of each other names included. Again. And the winner is Asemu Asuno, the SUPER PIRATE PILOT!!
      • This part actually needs to be elaborated on more, even though people complained that it's way too short than it should have been: Asemu first uses his Beam Saber to cut off Gundam Legilis' left arm (disabling Bits, a Beam Saber and its shield altogether), then he throws a Beam Saber to take out Zeheart's rifle, followed by using Dark Hound's lance to rip away Legilis' right arm, stabbing a Beam Saber into its chest (chest cannon is out), and finished it off by hooking Legilis' head and body to prevent its core to escape, meanwhile staying close enough to avoid being hit by Legilis' tail cannon. In short, Asemu tactically shut down the Legilis' capabilities one by one, making Zeheart totally unable to fight back. FLAWLESS VICTORY.
      • Added points should be given to the video game version of the fight, as it includes "Beyond the Fate", Asemu's Theme, as it plays out.
      • The Memories of Eden OVA expands Gundam Legilis vs. Dark Hound to a dogfight. Special mention goes to Gundam Legilis decimating Clanches and Adele Mark-II Mobile Suits by the score in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, resulting in several There Is No Kill Like Overkill moments.
      • Bonus points for DAMAGING the Dark hound. This time, Asemu loses some chest armor and his DODS Lancer.
  • Episode 50: (Final Episode)
    • YMMV, but Gundam AGE-FX versus SID with Vegan Wear was awesome!
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