Recap / Renand Stimpy2x 07 Sonof Stimpy

Stimpy is sitting at home in front of the TV one day when suddenly... something comes out of his butt; it makes a sound, and it smells funny. He tries to explain it to Ren, but he doesn't believe him. After having named the thing "Stinky", Stimpy goes on a search for his "friend". He can't find him anywhere... and gets depressed for three years. After all this time, Ren fruitlessly tries to pull his best friend out of this depression, but gives up after stubborn Stimpy is convinced the thing is "real", and doesn't care about anything anymore. Months later, Stimpy is waiting for the fart to come home, and after Ren tries cheering him up again, he finally snaps and goes after the fart, not coming back until he finds "him".

Son of Stimpy contains examples of: